Rogue Valley scene?

Hey. Just wondering if there are any Street Fighter groups in the Rogue Valley? Any leads appreciated. Online is fine, but playing local matches is my goal. Thanks.

What in the fuck is a Rogue Valley? Don’t bother answering, I don’t actually care.

The Rogue Valley is in beautiful Southern Oregon and is home to several small towns and cities, including Medford and Ashland. There’s your geography lesson for the day. Thanks for caring.

you should probably move unless you really like drinking


You’re basically right, specifically regarding finding a lively local Street Fighter playing community. Fortunately, there are many other positives to living in a rural area. It’s quiet, has no traffic and is good for raising a family. I know that almost all the active players live in urban/metro areas. Such is life. I’m 34 and an “old man” compared to most players so this place is good by me.

no ones going to argue the happiness of another.

but they don’t call it methford for nothing though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure how much luck you’ve had, I’d be curious to find out.

I’m moving to Ashland in about a month so I’d be interested in meeting you once I get there. Keep in mind, however, that I’m only good enough to know that I suck horribly.


Growing up and as well as getting hooked on SF while I lived there, I can definitely say that not much is going there for a gaming scene. I think Medford (or as we like to call it Deadford, Boregon) is culturally dead. Ashland may be the one refuge from the collective banality of the whole region.

Here’s hoping you can find a scene, but last time I did the rounds, not even the Tilt arcade in the RV Mall had a Street Fighter cabinet.

If you asked me about a few years ago I would’ve played SSF with you. But I graduated from SOU last year, now back in Portland. :-/

lol yea at first i thought he was makin shit up

I was actually born in Grants Pass OR. I love it up there. Oregon is a great place to live. As far as finding a scene for fighting games, I think Portland will be your best bet.