Rogue Vs. Blackheart

Hey ya’ll, just starting some vs. character threads in case there’s people who need that info. I’m bad at taking on BH/Cap or Cyke. Cap’s a little easier since you can sic Tron or Doom on him, but Cyke is the one that gives me a little trouble. Any tips ya’ll?

Yes, play someone else.

Ah, Blackheart, the main reason why I can take on Rogue. Basically, rush him the fuck down. Relentless rushdown is the key. If you give him space, then he’s already won the battle, since Rogue doesn’t have the speed or ability (no offense to Rogue players)to really catch him from across the screen. And GNS does NOT go through his supers.

So in a nutshell
Watch out for the pokes, since they do add up
Watch out for the pigs
Try and cross him up for he super jumps and throws cock goblins
If you can predict an Inferno into HOD, you can GNS right into him

Another thing is what team you are using. I could give you some more advice if I knew.

Keep on the ground as much as possible, bh sj. fp demons + poke will keep u away.
If bh is dumb enough to sj. hk demons sj after him.
Use sent ground or storm ground to help rush down.
Bait out his commando or cyke and kill him with ur tron, commando, or cyke.
When making it past a wiffed HOD 1,2, fpxx kiss is always good.
Stay on him or hell keep away again.
Commando is the ish on bh, catch his air dashes.
Cross him up on the ground AFTER he uses his air dash.

Sent Ground.

lol, damn I posted this a hell of a long time ago. BH doesn’t give me that much trouble anymore. Thanks for the input though.