RokChik's Av Request Live!


I’m looking for a Sugababes av (a singing group from England) and make it as crazy and flashy as you can, have fun!


Come on ppl!


It sounded like EEK or Orange’s work style. :sweat: I mean OrangeMegaslide. Not Orangecat. :sweat: Possible Stryc9.


huh? I don’t care who, just make me something. pls :slight_smile:



I am not working any real women avatars before. :sweat: EEK and OrangeMegaslide have real women experiences with any avatars and tags.

If they may not pick here yet.

Then I may have no choices. I will do it.


RokChik, post the exact picture/s that you want used.


finally!!! I hope she will love your work, Orange. Good Luck!!! :smiley:


I don’t know if I can. The picture I want comes from their latest video “angels with dirty faces” (which can be found on the site). They’ve been animated into a Powerpuff Girls episode, so any frame where it’s three of them would be cool. But agian, I wouldn’t know how to capture something like that.


um, ive looked and um… there isn’t a video named “angels with dirty faces” anywhere


:smiley: :cool:

get the video and use PowerDVD or BSplayer, to capture the frames.

for BSplayer, go here:


n/m, I found a pic that’ll do. If you can Jazz it up at all, I’d love to see it.


k, i’ll get to it later on. no inspiration right now.


how about now?


well, i’m in tagger’s block, i have absolutely no inspiration at all.

but, i’ll see what i can do for you.


RokChik, how do you want the av to go?
i mean, you want me to use all the girls and powerpuff girls in that pic?
or do you want just 1 powerpuff, or what?


Yes, all three pls. :slight_smile:


here you go. if any problems, don’t hesitate to say something.


well, I kinda wanted the whole thing in my av, but if that’s not possible, just make the name bigger and turn them brown.


putting everyone into the av would have it look a hot mess. so, gotta settle with just the powerpuff girls themselves. but, everything else is fine. here’s your revised edition.

btw, Buttercup is tight.


I like it! But I feel like I can hardly see the name…is there anyway you can make it stand out more (more color, capatilzing the letters, spreading them out across the bottom, making them jump)?