Rolento a good secondary for Bison?



saw Dogura and Tampa Bison trying to play him, what do you guys think of him cover some bad matches for Bison?


I’ve also been playing Rolento. For me it doesn’t have anything to do with his playstyle, it’s all just aesthetic. He’s the only new character that doesn’t look like a pansy, and he has a lot of similarities to Bison. No pupils, creepy smile, stupid hat, etc.


I was wondering this. I hope not, I hate Rolento.

When I get a chance I’m going to try Decapre/Elena, just because they’re new. If all fails, I still have Yun/Cammy.


Decapre seems to be well suited to Bison players from what I have seen. She is a charge character too, has tons of options, can convert for much better damage than Bison from a lot of ranges, has a couple really good pokes to play the poking game with, can combo to her ultra off a ground combo.


As far as if she deals well with his bad matchups well not enough play to really tell yet plus almost everyone is still learning


I thought she slaughtered Guile, but I could be wrong.


Still jumping around for a secondary, online lag doesn’t help. Got blown up in my decapre games 3rd round every time, thanks lag.