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Generally discuss Rolento.


Dunno if its known, but CH U1/U2 links. You can also link both ultras after a Ex delta air raid.

Now he can throw his stinger really low to the ground too. The negative edge seems to help to do this.


Im pretty sure you cant do that for U2 now because it’s a 7 frame start up now but we’ll see.


Let’s fuckin GO


So do you guys actually think Rolento will be as annoying as el fuerte or Juri?


Leak his theme already damn…


Shoulda called it General Rolento Discussion…

Nope. Somebody is going to find some easy non-character specific tech against him that stops all his cool shit and all you’ll be left to do is footsies and runaway.


Right? I’m really pumped for Rolento being in the game and the fact that Capcom brought him to SF4. His specials, footsies and (possible) strategies I find them really awesome. But people are already saying that he will be the new annoying character everyone will hate and that makes me sad :frowning:


It kind of felt like it had already reached that point toward the end of the arcade release, don’t you think?


He’s not going to be annoying per se, his roll has been nerfed. He’s a pretty honest character, actually. You can probably get by by rolling and jumping all over the place randomly to a degree, but having good fundamentals is crucial to the character.


It stills work, i tried it at a locktest last saturday.


If EX sting is used from one grid square away, its an easy link into Ultra 1.

I think its cool how his Sting can be used so close to the ground yet still hitting high hitbox, that’ll be a good mix up potentially, especially because it easily links into Cl. HP xx Rekka

That’s all I got so far from playing around with him in training mode. BTW, is there any real use for his 3 punch + punch special?


Does Rolento have a reliable anti-air?


st.MP. I haven’t tried local or online play yet but in training, any of ryu’s jump in and yun’s dive kick can be beaten by st.MP.

Also, after j.HK, st.HK can link into cr.MK xx patriot. Even, st.HK can still link to cr.MK. However it doesn’t work on small characters like Sakura.

So on I think just about anyone:

j.HK, xx Patriot
j.HK, xx EX Patriot ~ U1

After EX Patriot, you can still hit them with st.MP. Could even dash right after and set yourself up with a nice throw.


Does he have any safe chip pressure at all? Does he have anything that’s NOT a 1-frame link? I’ve been reading on other forums and the character sounds ass.


What are his 1 frame links?


From the looks of it: st. lp -, & st. rh - cr. mk.


i dont think any of his bnbs are 1 frame links, i dont really plink at all and i have no problems doing st lp - cr mk or st rh - cr mk.

also as an important side note:
all of his stingers are completely projectile invincible on the way up, right until you throw the knife


Does his rekka have any use except for guaranteed punishes? The range is so shit on it that it cannot even be hit-confirmed in time. Fucking Capcom, they can’t balance characters for shit.


Cr. MP seems to be completely useless.