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I’m speaking purely from experience here, so any Rolento experts can correct me on any potential misinformation I’m about to spread.

I think it’s mostly because it’s not that useful in general? No point in using it as poke because it has poor range, it also starts up rather slow and has alot of pushback which you really don’t want as Rolento, once you get in that magic range where cr. mk connects you absolutely want to stay there. If you’re very close to them and they attempt focusing I don’t see the harm in throwing it out, but yeah the uses are very specific as you can see.


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As someone who plays a bunch of characters, I’ve noticed these subforums have been pretty bare lately because of Facebook groups popping up. Is there a rolento group that I’m missing out on? If not, I may just start one up myself. Sorry if this was asked or mentioned before.


So I can no longer do s.lp c.lp s.lp .mk patriot circle anymore. is it just me or am i a scrub


Can anyone help me with how to do a certain corner setup? Watching a Dogura video recently and after a forward throw into the corner, he did a jump forward, late j.HP, and landed in front to do a meaty cl.MK. Every time I try this in training mode though, I land behind. Is this a character specific setup (his was against Dhalsim), or am I timing my jump forward incorrectly?


is ex stinger into hp overhead roll easier on some of the characters? if so who? it seems so hard to land on evil ryu for instance


Definitely easier on some characters. Nemo trains the combo with Sagat as the dummy since he’s the hardest character to land it on.


I’ve been having issues with it. Is it just EX stinger and then HP roll > LP attack instantly?


Crouching Chun Li is an issue for me.


The setup is Nemo’s setup if I remember correctly. The way it works is that the point of crossing over the character during the jump forward, you want your stick to be pointing straight out front so that your total width of your character is increased. You end up in front rather than behind because the total width of Rolento to the left of the fallen character is greater than how much of rolento is on the right side.
To put it simply, Rolento pushes himself away from the wall and lands in front (with a perfect meaty ready to rip)
I pretend the character is still standing and press HP when I’m head height and that makes me land in front.
If you press HP early or late then you land behind.
The timings for each side may slightly vary as each corner has different crossover properties, I haven’t sat down and looked into this thoroughly yet.


Does anyone have any tips for dealing with Abel? I’m getting mauled by that character. Any tips for buttons to use, ranges to stand, strategies at all, outside of the standard “Don’t get knocked down.” information out there?

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The key is to keep him at max range if instant heavy stinger. If he starts to get inside that range hop back and reset the spacing. St. MP is a great normal against his pokes both on the ground and as an AA. And at max range Abel doesn’t have a way to deal with cr. jab. Also, don’t be afraid to hop back on wake up if Abel is just mashing jab to attempt a command grab set up.


Back throw, double dash, j.HP. I’ve seen this set up where it crosses up. Does this only work on shotos?


Rolento wiki page is updated to 1.05 frame data, it’s more up to date AND more detailed than even the USF4 Bible. Hit boxes will be added sometime later in the future. Let me know if you spot an errors.

Post errors you find here: Ultra Street Fighter 4 SRK wiki has had a major update
or send me a PM to make sure I see them.


Still can’t get this one to land. EVER. Is it character specific? Even if it is, that doesn’t explain why I am not landing it. Can’t even do it against Sagat, who I’ve seen getting hit by it in videos.


It will hit on all characters if you do it at the tightest timing. eg no gaps between the sequence of moves
Remember that its easiest to it off a then due to its spacing allowing ex knives to connect as late as possible so your roll back can start as early as possible.

There is leniency in the whole combo depending on character size due to the rate in which they fall.
The bigger the character, the tighter you have to do the combo.
Remember that the setup after the combo can change depending how tight you did it.
eg If you left 1 frame between 3 of the inputs then you will cross the opponents centre line 3 frames later if you jump forward after the combo which in turn can change it from a cross up to a front (note it also depends on the character size and where their centre line is located)


Does anyone know what Mekong Delta Roll is on block after FADC forward? I know Mekong Delta Roll FADC forward is + 6 on hit now, which is nice.


Hi guys,

I am rather new to fighting game and new to Rolento and I have a question.

After you make them fall, how to keep the pressure and the mix-ups going against a character like Ryu who has a potential reversal DP (or just DP even)? I have a lot of trouble because I feel like if I do anything else than block when he wakes-up I am going to take it, I can’t manage to do any pogo mix-up nothing which makes it super hard for me.

I understand that I can safe jump (don’t really know the setup tho) but even after that what can I do beside a Any other solutions?



Does anybody know how to do a vertical spike rod during a forward jump ?

Like Nemo did at 5:49


I have my answer, just press up :slight_smile: