Rolento & Hk loops



So I’m still toying with far HK loops, seeking best ways to land it on every chars. And understanding why it works. I’m starting to be able to see it coming from just looking at animations. Feels good after 3 years.

It’s an exercise I do to train execution and reactions. I’m not trying to digg new combo people should use.
Pretty much all of them require one if not several 1 framers that usually also ask for walking forward or backward for a frame or 2. Anyway, entertaining stuff at least.

So Rolento standing, how do you setup a st.lp, far.HK combo ?
Short answer is cl.lp, far.lp.
This far.lp will be meaty 80% of the time.

Yes because with normal timing cl.lp far.lp = far lp whiffing (btw these annoying whiffs are primary target for meaty stuff when you’re looking for some). So you’ll delay the far.lp a lot and i’ll hit meaty.

Finally you can remember that :

  • anywhere, cr.MP, cl.LP, far.LP, far.HK works (with timings and holding forward the whole time) but only a xx hk tatsu (and such) will connect as a follow up.

  • If sometimes in a combo you can get a cl.lp (because you want to follow with far HP for example) you’re again in a meaty far.lp setup guaranted.

Still hella hard to time. Haven’t yet found a loop with a second HK on him.

All these researches are not that useless if you consider our meterless options for damages. (Talking about practical loops in general not these Rolento ones…). A far HK inside a combo is a nice damage boost and can be linked into and will link into a meterless follow up. 400 damages with jump HK meterless is something to respect.

Videos later if you ask gently ( and give a damn…)


A practical one you can definitely use in matches :
cross up mk; XXXXXXXXX xx Ball FADC, far.HK, far.LP, far.HK, cr.MK xx tatsu

XXXXXXXXX = cr.LK, cl.LK, cr.MP or cr.MP, cr.MP (hard to space) or cr.LK, cr.LP, cr.MP
You can swap the last MP for MK.