Rolento is a problem



I’ve played 2 high skilled Rolentos in the past week and I’m convinced the match up is 7 - 3 in his favor. Does anyone do well against this character consistently? And I’m not talking about the majority average skilled Rolento players. I’m talking about consistently against a high level player. I find it hard to punish a lot of his moves. His standing fierce is two hits, so I can’t focus to get in. His footsie game is just as good as Vegas but he has a WAY better mixup game. And his combos are more damaging. I’m lost in the match up. Any help is appreciated.


jump on him, he can’t anti air you. using heavy attacks as a footsie tool can be dangerous at times since jumping will beat it. if it doesn’t beat it, he doesn’t have enough time to anti air. his mixup game isn’t as strong. once you played enough, you can see and block most mixups. his roll. they will tend to whiff it to get close. he’ll need to gamble with it. on block or whiff, it’s punishable. on hit, doesn’t do much damage. if he ever tries to escape from the corner with that ex thing, air grab it. if he does it mid screen, ultra it or ex fba it from full screen.


His footsies are not as good as ours at all …


his cr.lp is surprisingly long, but he can’t get my off of it though, so yeah, i agree, footsies not as strong, you can totally compete with him in footsies.


I’ve beaten my share of Rolento players but I threw those victories out the door after I played those two very strong opponents a couple weeks ago. It’s as if they watched the Nemo replays and downloaded his play style.

And his crouching medium kick hit confirm into rekka is a solid footsie tool. Along with his standing hp.

What tools do you use to keep him out? All we have is cr. Mp, st. Mk, and cr. Mk. His st. HP has the same range as those and it hits twice. Any range closer you’ll have to deal with his cr. lp, which can confirm into rekkas.


His stHP is punishable my stHP/stMK on block.


Kind of curious…what was the name of the players?


He also moves pretty slowly and Vega is. You know. fast. With very good 4-5 frame moves.


I’ve been playing on the pc scene lately which has a shit load of problems. Just finished another game with a rolento player and connection issues made the game really infuriating. I’ll reconsider the match up after the steam version gets updated. I’ve been avoiding playing ranked matches for that specific reason. smh