Rolento match up

What gimmicks do we have to counter his gimmicks?

There’s a link on the Master sticky now.

What the heck is the plan here? I can’t figure out an overall strategy.

Sweep and force him to try to anti air. His aa game is bad and so is his wake up. He will out poke you easily so you need patient defense and balls out offense. Don’t let him breathe. Block roll standing and then you should be able to punish because he doesn’t bounce as far away.

St hp is very solid in this mu.

You can grab his roll.

His wake up SUX. When he uses ex wall jump he comes right back at you, I don’t think he can control the direction. When he does ex Tatsu or Ultra the living shit out of him.

He can but he can only choose one of two trajectories (he can land close to you, or closer to you). EX Tatsu will probably catch both trajectories, depending on where you are standing.

I don’t know if it’s been brought up, but EX Tatsu vs. his rolls every time. If his roll hits you when you are blocking, EX Tatsu will blow it up, even if he tries to red focus or focus cancel the roll as a mixup.

Ya, it seems like you need to completely hoard that ex for tatsu. Because at any point you don’t have ex, roll is completely free

alrighty, so I’ve found out how to play this piece of shit character.

I just play like a bigger dickhead then he is. random jumps and air tatsus in random directions, random strength flips, random dashing in whatever direction. Never give that douche nozzle even one second of having any idea where on the screen you are going to be.

he wants to bounce around the stage like a 9 year old at a bouncy castle? Ya? well two can play at that game.

Win? Lose? I give no fucks. The goal is to make the game as unfun for him as he is making the game for me.
Go fuck yourself, Rolento.

Does anyone have any tips on how to combat Rolento’s rolls? That is my only problem that I have real trouble with in this matchup. I can’t find the frame data (at least not sure if it’s correct), but his rolls have no number in them at all for +/- on hit/block. With it armor breaking, and then it scoots him too far back I think to punish (at least as Gouken). I think the only thing that would work is cr. MP xx Gohadoken, and that’s if he’s close enough, and I can’t find the frame data to double check. Otherwise it is like free armor breaking unpunishable chip damage. The only thing I find relatively effective is to use palm if you know it’s coming. It should catch it when the backflip is done. But all the strengths used varies on spacing.

You can punish it with reversal EX Tatsu

as mentioned, ex.tatsu is the goto punish if you have meter. It’s -5, so ex.tatsu and are your only 5 frame attacks with enough reach. ex.tatsu can be buffered, so it’s not 1-frame timing. with, it’s too far to combo into fireball, so they can focus it and punish, so you are left with either a frame-perfect attempt at 80 damage, or flip shenanigans if you are feeling adventurous.

So without meter, I think the correct answer is to either avoid the roll or attempt to stuff it.

Ultimately, the answer for rolento is almost always “don’t play his bullshit game.” Just like Elf. See my post directly before yours.