Rolento pokes supers and stratagy



hey im faiely new with rolento and i wanted to know his pokes,setups,bnbs and basic stratagy.thnx


Run away and activate.


Rolento mostly has to run away these days. Also try to be as random as you can be with him with high and low mixups. Standing walking jabs add pressure, scout jumps backwards and backwards special roll help in running away, and a far ranged sweep gets people many times just to name a few things he can do. Also don’t try to toss knives a lot, rc eats that shit for free.


rolento dies to geese
whenever he’s running away all geese has to do is fly across the screen and roundhouse the little running soldier
his runaway games are all stuffed by his roundhouse
either that or the rolento im fighting is way lousy


I’d say the rolento you’ve been fighting is in fact lousy. Sounds like all he’s trying to do is scouter jump or KK jump all over the place. Not a good thing to do obviously. Gotta mix it up with his backwards roll also to make things random. I’ve tossed waaay too many Geeses with my Rolento, however that doesn’t mean that Geese is no match for him.:wink:

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STUN gauge

I dunno about this… I throw a good amount of knives. And there’s not very many RC’s that will eat knives because there is so many different timing on the knives, and they are a fairly slow projectile. They are a good tool for building meter, not necessarily to hit your opponent, although they do catch some jumpers sometimes… they are good in poke strings, and to mix up your full screen meter building… They get owned full screen form high tiger cannons though, where as jumping off the wall is somewhat safe, they have to time the super really well or you can react and change your jump to fly over, or drop down before it gets to you…

Have had my te 2 for xb1 for 3days
Have had my te 2 for xb1 for 3days

Yeah it’s ok to toss them but it’s not a good idea to get carried away which I and many other people used to do. I meant don’t toss so many of them over and over to the point where people can start to pretty much get the hang of what you’re doing and punish you like crazy. It happened to me many times against nasty rc back then.:bluu:


Which RCs and at what distances will punish the knife? I sometimes throw a fast knife after a blocked c.fierce, or like s.jab, s.jab, c.forward xx knife… not very often though…


Bison Scissor Roundhouse kick pretty much take out knives completely…

Blanka Ball of course…

Balrog rush punches…

Hibiki Fierce running slash->QCF+Fierce combo…

Vice Fierce shoulder move ->Dp+K combo…

Eagle HCF+k…

Ryo’s D/B, f+Roundhouse move…

Rock’s QCF+p…

Mai’s Elbow move…

Honda headbutt(half screen, not anywhere like the others mentioned)

that’s all I can think of

Some of them require timing but others like Blanka Ball and Scissor kick are guarenteed hits if they are charged…Eagle and Vice probably take it out for free…

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Yeah those are the gists of what punished my exaggerated knife throwing. Not sure about Eagle but Vice seemed to punish that shit for free.


Eagles hcf+k move punishes most shit for free … not full screen though, a bit less than full screen, but you still have to time it so that it hits them in their landing recovery, which again can be difficult cuz of different knives (otherwise you just knock them out of the air -> rolento quick get up activate).

I love the wall jump, You can jump past them and then pogo drop and land in front of them, i’ve done this with opponents standing up to half screen, fake cross up I guess?

also you can play around with it and react to what they are doing to a certain extent, especially if they dont have a dp, you can wall jump, hold back, and then VERY quickly fly towards them with, or drop down, or fly forward a bit (over a projectile maybe) and drop down out of their punishing range…

EDIT: Just noticed i had said “Eagles hcf+p…” … so i fixed it to be k :slight_smile:


i’m just recently picking up k-rolento

and from being new to rolento i used that steel rain super a lot when i’m raged, since i can’t crush gaurd bar very well yet, or know when to hit xx trapwire…

i read somewhere earlier that steel rain is a shitty super and we should avoid using it…
is it really that shitty? i think it’s a decent pressure super

i was just wondering if anyone has any setups or mix ups for this super?

EDIT:took out some useless ideas that dont’ work


little jump MP (deep), tripwire.
UNBLOCKABLE!!! :slight_smile: Well, not really i don’t think. But it’s good.

s.jabs, d.MK, tripwire
If your crazy good at linking

whiff jump-in or crossup, d.MK, tripwire
If your opponent is slow

Opponent jumps over you with an attack, d.MK, tripwire
BEWARE of crossups