Rolento Video Thread

Post any good finds/original vids of Rolento here please.

Here’s what I came up with on day 1


Also please make sure to put the dumbest music you can find over it.

just made it, still has that new video smell: [media=youtube]UqSzhBzKyWo[/media]

Got a video Guide to Rolento as well I feel goes little more in depth than FingerCramp’s Guide:

I guess it makes more sense for me to put this here.


There are many ways out of this, but I still find it useful.

Just some casual matches, feel free to critique either player

Just a few ranked matches I had yesterday:


Combo beasting with Rolento/King


Probably nothing new:


It’s very similar to Guy’s Target Combo xx Run > Overhead in Arcade Edition. However, since the opponent will be in the corner, I think this is much more difficult to see. I’m a fan of using the empty Mekong Delta Air Raids during block strings, so it might work better for me.

I made this a few days after release has Guile and Rolento on 2nd half of the video hope you like.

Which buttons do you use for this? Or do they all crossup? I would assume using HP for the attack itself would be the most assured way? And maybe if you roll back far enough and use LP for the attack instead, it can NOT crossup? Sick mixups :smiley:

A Rolento/Hwoarang team: