I need help against Rolento.
Runaway Rolento makes it very hard for Kyo to get that knockdown.
I know that when He’s rolling away, I’ll run towards Him, and He’ll catch me with that slide, and the damnable part is that I know that either the slide, scouter jump or wall hop is coming, and damn it they’re all so fast!
When I can, I can just Final Showdown that shit, and his Runaway’s over, but He can bait those too.
Anyone got any advice on how Kyo can get in on this fucker, or is the only option to wait and let Him come to you for the chance to score a knockdown?


Some Rolento players will get a little too fancy with knives, and jump up really high, throwing one at the peak. Any time you see a Rolento player jump straight up, either run straight at them on the ground, or do his run&grab (preferably roll cancelled). You’ll go right under the knife and have a free combo when he lands. If he doesn’t throw a knife and is on his way down, you’re going to get Patriot Circled, so a running DP is a good option too.

Generally, though, I just wait for him to come to me. You can’t jump in on him, you can’t outpoke him, and you aren’t going to beat him in the air. If you have a groove with a counter attack, use it often. Once he’s on the ground though, he’s about as threatening as any other character.


Stay on the ground and slowly advance. Anticipate when Rolento is going to slide you, then JD, sweep for the knockdown. Don’t get too close, as Rolento will fly away to the other side. Stay at just outside your Kyo far s.HK range so you can anti-air Rolento on reaction and deal with his slides as well. Kyo jump back HK when Rolento does try to run. Once you get right on top of Rolento (inside your far s.HK range), you can jump on him with j.LK. Rolento’s major weakness is he has no anti-air at that close range.

Running in, roll canceling, or super jumping in is random, for the impatient, and it just going to get Kyo frustrated and killed against a good Rolento player. Play calculated, patient, and smart instead.


Take No Prisoners
Rolento has trouble dealing with Kyo’s mixups, but now He abuses the hell out of TNP and catches me out of everything . I think He knows I’m going to attempt something everytime I run up to Him.
Actually, I think should get Him. Would it counterhit TNP? And if it does could Kyo super His punk-ass?
Thanks for the tips btw on gettin in.
I’ll be sure to put them to good use on Rolento