Rolento's CC

What are the best CCs for Rolento?

I do the following: activate, d+mk, d+hp 2x, d+hk,, KKK, j.hp,, KKK, j.hp, (corner now),, j.lp,, j.lp, s.hp, qcb qcb + punch. Around 7400 dmg

I’ve seen a CC with opponent not being juggled, something like
activate, d+mk, d+hp, d+hp, d+hp, KKK,,, d+mp…
but it’s really hard to combo these, specially at “,”, any tips?

the custom you listed is the most practical and works under most situations. you can add another fierce or 2 in the beginning if you want

there are a few different versions of the cc youre talking about. the super rediculous one on the sai rec vid is too impractical but the more practical one is
activate,, c.hp x3, [kkk, x2,, x2, c.hp] x2, kkk, x2, xx tripwire (it connects if youre super close)

Im pretty sure thats how it works, but you might be able to get another jumping cycle in.

what are his bad and good matchups?

people say rolento has no bad matchups but i have had other experiences which i will elaborate on later

i think it’s more “rolento’s HARDER matchups” rather than bad matchups.

rolento can pretty much cover any type of matchup(imo), but some characters can punish harder for your fuckups/failed mixups or have an easier time landing some random ass bullshit on rolento.

ive heard that rolento doesnt really have bad matchups but i think he has some matchups that are hard to play so ill just post some more common ones i have had trouble with

blanka is a bitch because its hard to use s.strong to AA him. that leaves you with rc scouter hop, a good option but not very consistent/damaging AA. blanka has advantage on the ground because your ground pokes are easily beaten by blanka’s low fierce. rolento can do a good job of avoiding getting hit by super and activation vs blanka but frankly you get beat on the ground pretty badly if you try to play footsies.
EDIT: after some testing in training mode, it appears that blanka’s c.hp is really easy to sweep on reaction because it moves blanka’s hitbox forward so you have alot of leway on time and distance. I also tested the properties of c.short vs rolento, it appears that has a magic range just outside c.short range where it will always beat the short. s.hp also seems to work decently against c.short but since its such a sucky normal i wouldnt use it. c.rh can trade with the c.short (which is a trade much in your favor by both knockdown and damage) and can beat it clean if you manage to hit blanka in his 4 frame startup. of course there is the small percentage that your foe is looking for ch c.shorts so they can combo into super but 99% of blanka players press c.short to push you back instead of combo you.
on the upside, all of blankas normals take a long time to startup, so s.jab ch low forward is better against blanka. Plus blanka doesnt have a dragon punch so getting random jump ins on him is easier esp with the kkk hop and from there you can work the ch jab, throw mixup gayme. So i guess to play against blanka youre going to want to either be running away or getting up in his shit (just make sure youre careful when hes got meter). oh yeah, throw quick knives at blanka, ones that are low do the ground because his options are to either super or RC ball and unlesstheyre just sitting there with charge youre not gonna get hurt. but i guess its an even match that i have to learn how to play right… sigh

i havent played against alot of sakuras but last time i played one i remember i had trouble fighting rh hurricane but i just now realized i can mash on roll or maybe even rc scouter hop. oh well. ill try and play this matchup some more to see wtf is goin on
Edit: you can sweep her stand rh but its pretty hard on reaction because its soo damn fast. can beat s.rh because it has alot of hitting frames. the key to beating s.rh is to stay outside its range because it seems that there is only 1 specific timing that s.rh will beat rolento c.rh cleanly from outside s.rh range. it looks like the rh will win cleanly if you sweep just outside s.rh range and she presses first and you get kicked in the face of your startup because you slid inside s.rh range before the hitting frames of your sweep came out. if your inside that range almost every timing of sakura s.rh will win clean except for super late roundhouses.

again with the problem normals, s.rh eats rolento for fun although you may be able to punish it on whiff with rolento c.rh (must check). cammy has a dragon punch which is another thing to keep in mind while playing her. you want her to whiff that shit and ive found that rolento is exceptionally good at baiting supers/activations/dps. try to make sure when she whiffs that you are in punishing position. often times cammy will come back down and try to dp again. if you arent confident in your ability to time it so she gets hurt when she lands, then just s.rh her while shes falling for some easy dmg (like if shes almost dead). s.fierce is ok as long as youre close because far fierce does 2 hits and its basically really gay, so just rh to avoid all that. you can more easily aa cammy with s.strong cause her jump is more floaty than blankas super vertical and quick jump. because cammy has good walking speed and like 40,000 really good normals, shes going to want to play footgames with you. fuck taht shit. run away and dont come back til you see an opening. although her ability to chase is probably better than most beacuse of her walking/running speed. Throw lots of far and high knives at her because she cant really do a whole lot about a full screen top of jump rh knife other than hope to perfectly time a rc spiral arrow so it gets you on the ground, her ability to punish a knife throw is somewhat limited outside of spiral arrows. ok thats all i wanna write about cammy.
EDIT: s.rh is sweepable but its pretty hard because it is fast. there is no magic range either. either you hit her in her startup or her recovery because thos are the only times rolento c.rh will beat cammy s.rh. if you press it at the same time, since cammy’s rh comes out faster youre gonna get kicked. basically as long as her hitbox for that move is out, there is nothing you can do other than rc’s and supers. but really the main problem i have with cammy is that s.jab ch setups are risky because she has a 3 frame +10 s.hp. if you get ch (or not ch) with that you eat super on reaction. its like the risk reward on your setup is not even in your favor…lame.

much better for rolento. s.strong is eezy on this foo, except DONT DO IT LATE OR U DIE (that kinda goes for anyone, if you think you are too late to st strong someone, just block). this happened to me yesterday, dude jumps in with sagat and i think i can s.strong him… s.strong starts to come out, then i get kicked in the face into c.mkxx tiger raid cancel == ouch. also, you can play footgames with sagat because you can punish whiffed normals!! c.rh that shit!!! woo!! then jump for a nice crossup, or you can do other wakeup shenanigans.

recently, against characters with dps, people have been dping me inbetween my st.jabs when im going for a ch, which means i just gotta bait them better but that would give me something to lookout for. sagat also cant chase rolento very easily because hes slow. i might actually say that this matchup is in rolento’s favor woo!!!

really, i dont know much about this matchup. there is one cool thing which hurts bison by alot. if youre like, half screen or closer to bison and you block a psycho crusher (rc or not) you can lvl3 tripwire him as he recovers from his psycho crusher. the problem with this tactic is that the distance you are from him determins how quickly you have to do the super after you leave blockstun from the psycho crusher. Whats really cool is that if youre close to him, say 1/4th screen, you can actually do POP into super with n-groove. and i think if bison tries to activate into scissor kicks to punish, i think you should be able to block in time.

imo, rolentos worst matchups are blanka and morrigan.

blanka is madd annoying to fight against. like the poster above me said, its hard to standing mp on reaction to blankas jumps cuz its too fast. instead use rc scouter jump lp. my advice is try to runaway smartly and build your meter. try not to roll back or wall jump too much since random blanka balls hurts. dont fight him head on in the ground because his beats almost everything you throw out at him. make your way in with rolentos jumping mp and work on that guard meter. dont ever let him get in your face, because his crossup mk and low jump roundhouse are hard as hell to escape. AC your way out of there or if you are using A groove, blow thru it. last but not least, jumping mp works well against his electricity, hes a fat ass so its easier to cross him up, but the same goes for rolento, and its really easy to punish any whiffed c. fierces from him.

against morrigan:
her jumping hp > everything you do in the air, its hard as hell for rolento to stop her crossups, and she can make your CCs whiff by flying above it and/or empty triangle jump. stay the hell out of the corner, keep her from getting in with the knives and be wary of her sweep. standing mk works pretty well against her. fortunately, almost no one uses her.

other sorta troublesome matches:

bison: standing mp beats every jump in bison does, just dont get baited by his jump in CCs.

ken: ambiguous crossup, fast ass dp and air hurricane kicks can kill you in a hurry. play rolento like you would play vega vs ken. fortunately its much easier to put a big dent if ken tries anything stupid like a random dp attempt.

chun li: fuckin annoying fight because its hard as hell to stop her from and without trading with standing mp. and those 2 moves along with j.hp shuts down almost everything you do in the air. her walk speed is faster than yours and she has some fast ass jabs. jumping neutral hk is also annoying. the good thing is that you can see her jumps a mile away so even if you cant punish it cleanly, you can evade it and rolento is damn good at that. and if chun cant get in, she cant land her super and if she cant land her super, shes not doing much damage.

this match is a lot like vs blanka, except much easier. like blanka, his jump ins are hard to stop. also like blanka its hard to attack him head on without getting counter poked. however vega doesnt do much damage unlike blanka and its easier to run from him since he doesnt have an instant torpedo attack. walk up lps works wonders against him since its hard for him to punish and it can knock his mask and claw off quick. once you get in, stay on him like white on rice. dont be afraid of a few hits from vega since the risk reward ratio is almost always in your favor.

cammy: imo, this is the easiest fight out of the above. the sweet spot is a few steps outside of cammys hk range so about half screen away. if she runs in, she risk getting swept or eating a knife. if she cannon drills in, and gets whiffed or blocked, free sweep or xx pipe spin. keep your distance against her by backdashing, back rolling, wall jumping, and/or rc scouter jumping. she got nothing against you in the air and theres almost nothing she can do to you from full screen so keep running. last but not least, shes one of the easiest characters to CC against since the majority of her main moves are grounded and all of her air moves are easy to trip guard CC

ooh… a Rolento thread. Yo, you get a free walk forward slide every time you block a Cannon Spike. You meant to write d.HK instead of s.HK right? Slide isn’t even the best option as a good Rolento player should be confident enough to punish the DP with a walk forward, d.MK xx Patriot Circles/Super anyway. The Cammy DP hits really fast, so the best way to bait it is after a knockdown. Crouch right over her body and go for an option select throw/counter hit d.LP. Since you were blocking, if she does wake-up Cannon Spike you can punish her. If she was doing anything else, your throw or counter hit d.LP will get her. The way she beats your option select is to mash on throw as she gets up, but no good player does that. If they do mash on wake-up throw however, you counter with your meaty s.LP next time. Meaty s.LP, s.LP, d.LP xx super owns against a wake-up throw or low short masher. *Cammy can also wait a couple frames before she DP’s to directly counter your option select throw/counter hit d.LP, but that’s rare. An average Cammy player’s first instinct is to always do reversal DP when they get up.

You can start going for more fancy offense like meaty low short/close s.MK; fake an attack, jump straight up, come down with j.MP; roll back, dash forward, throw; meaty air d+MK right on top of opponent for 50/50 side mixup; or normal jump MK right over opponent’s head after you’ve established of your basic wake-up game of getting Cammy hesistant to do a wake-up DP.

Early jump HK will cleanly beat a Blanka’s mashing electricity. You can combo d.MK xx super after even. Rolento’s foot has an invincible hit box.

Same thing with Rolento’s j.HP and j.MP, but they all hit at different angles.

I don’t agree at all with what you said about Cammy. Her j.LK right on top of you is impossible to stop unless you have meter for the tripguard CC, and even then, nothing is guaranteed. Once she gets in close (via j.LK usually), her fierces beat every single attack you can do.

Against Vega, his jumping attacks are way too good. I have no clue how you’re handling jump straight up, come with HK or HP but I know for sure Rolento s.MP doesn’t work. No good Vega’s randomly jump in at that halfscreen distance where Rolento’s s.MP can anti-air Vega clean anyway.

K-Vega is a very popular character. What are you guys doing to deal with his low jump? All I have is preemptively jump straight up, come with with HP or HK. If I try j.MP (or j.HK sometimes even), Vega gets to jump on me since his jump is higher. Trying to straight up anti-air Vega’s low jump it or escape with the back roll is feeling futile.

edit: Rolento’s deep RC jump jab beats Cammy’s j.LK on top of him clean. I’m a scrub and it turns out I wasn’t getting my RC’s to come out cleanly, so that’s why I made the “impossible to stop” comment. Sorry!

RE: Dentron’s post

Don’t be afraid of countering hitting Cammy even if she does have a three frame close s.HP that can be linked into a super. Heck, Bison has a two frame d.LP that can be linked into a CC, and I’m still not afraid to go for counter hits on him as long as I have frame advantage. There’s nothing a NON-invincible three frame move like Cammy’s close s.HP will do to you, other than get counter hit clean, when you only leave a two frame gap between your attacks.

The only two characters in the game I’m hesitant to go for counter hit stand jabs on are Blanka and Chun. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I set up a counter hit s.LP on Blanka only for the guy to MASH on d.HP and hit me clean. I don’t know if the Blanka players do it to me on purpose because they know they can beat my s.LP or what, but it annoys me to no end. Chun can do the exact same thing with her random d.MP xx super, and that really, really sucks because you know there’s no way the Chun player hit confirmed the combo either. Just some random guess. I don’t have enough experience against Athena’s d.HP yet, but I suspect Rolento might also have to be hesitant with the s.LP’s against her.

Anyway, against Blanka or Chun, try your best to always use d.LP for your counter hit attempts instead of s.LP because of possible d.HP and d.MP mashing respectively. Whenever it’s likely for Rock to use his 360+P move, always counter with either a jump forward, cross-up j.MK; jump straight up, come down with j.HK; or random guess d.MK xx Patriot Circles (you don’t get a counter hit message for countering a throw so you can’t combo after d.LP and Rock’s 360 goes under Rolento’s s.LP free). Against any other character though, as long as the move is non-invincible, even three frame close s.HP’s like Cammy’s are susceptible to Rolento’s counter hit s.LP, so go for it! You attacking Cammy is very much in your favor with Rolento and not lame at all. It’s when Cammy is attacking me is the only time I ever complain, so I think you wrote your versus Cammy section totally backwards.

Want to share some of the situations where RC Patriot Circles can be used?

Right now, the only times I use this move are to 1) counter Geese when he does d.HK xx Reppuken on me and 2) at half screen to midrange on reaction to a Shoto’s Hadouken. Both are 100% free damage once you get good and comfortable with this roll cancel.

hmm… Do you guys think it’s worth the risk to use this move against Kyo’s random fire cloud super?

the risk reward is still not in your favor. you have a theoretical 2 frames to ch them for a link patriot circles combo, and thats if one of those frames is not skipped. you end up taking a whole lot more dmg than dealing it and you dont have a window for error. at least for me, cause i play n groove, cammy players simply turtle up when im popped so i dont get the option of landing super off that mixup. I just got more work i guess.

Free throws. I love it. :badboy:

I guess I can’t do that as well in C-groove because a full green bar just isn’t as blatantly menacing as a flashing yellow one I suppose. Anyway, the counter I use against people who turtle up against my jab attempts (ie. keep blocking no matter what) is to throw them repeatedly. Rolento was designed with that extra long ranged throw for a reason after all. I’ll also start waiting even longer before I hit my counter hit button. That way, I can forcibily set the other guy up to STILL eat my super even if he is block happy. By the time I’ve thrown the guy four times in a row (especially if I’m raged or popped), I’ll have done as much damage that a successful counter hit combo into super will have netted me anyway. The key is to make the opponent itchy with your throws and then to time your counter hits according to how your opponent likes to mash. Remember any tech throw attempt even will also lose to counter hit Rolento jab.

I also find option select blocking pretty useful (instead of always going for a counter hit right away). It’s s.LP, block low for a second, throw/counter hit s.LP. Cammy would have to be psychic to counter me out of that. She needs to wait along with me and then use a DP or random super, and only once in a blue moon do I ever see a Cammy player smart enough to do that.

Just like scared money doesn’t win money in gambling, a scared Rolento will always be a losing Rolento. When Cammy is raged or something, then sure, run away, wait it out, and forget going for counter hit anything. Against the grooves that can store their supers though (P-Cammy :bluu: ), forget risk/reward or any kind of theory because there is no waiting it out. Either do something or die slowly. You have super meter, 70 stun points, and big yellow cushion of life bar for a reason after all right? Take a risk. It’s all psychological anyway in my opinion (there’s no major, game-affecting difference between a Cammy three frame close s.HP and a Ken three frame low short), so screw it I say. I’ll be aggressive and try to land my Rolento super all day until you can prove to me you’re smarter and can change my gameplan otherwise.

I also don’t believe that skip a frame thing for a second. Nobody else ever backed up the guy that claimed it and from the hostile response I got for asking about it, even if it’s true I’m still going to deny and play as if it were false out of spite.

If you also still don’t agree with me and believe that Cammy hitting fierce is risk/reward in her favor for everything, then that’s fine too. People are allowed to play however they want to and that’s what makes individual styles unique.

with a couple exceptions, anyone decent at this game will not be thrown 4 times in a row unless it is set up totally differently each time, but most cats only have like 2-3 throw setups so unless theyre terrible, odds of getting 4 throws are slim.

how the fuck do you option select s.jab with throw? that sounds like some 3s shit.

nonono, im not saying dont try to land super, im saying that the ch jab/throw mixup is risky and not in your favor which is one of the reasons why cammy is such a hard matchup for rolento.

You do whatever you want and don’t swear at me again.

no im serious, how do you do it?

Isn’t it throwing by pressing twd + FP + LP? So if you can’t throw them (not in range, they’re in hit/block stun, etc) you get the jab instead?

I have no idea what anyone’s talking about.

if you press fierce and jab, you’ll get fierce, iirc.

Block low in case the opponent does a wake-up DP. s.LP right after you clear that window so you beat anything else the opponent tries. Dentron could care less about Rolento strategy and proving his own opinions right are more important so I didn’t feel like chatting any further.

i was being sincere. the following is also sincere: youre a faggot.

I thought option select was when it was one move covering two options and not one move quickly followed by another?

Example: down + LP + LK in 3rd Strike gives you a low jab (down + LP + LK, LK xxx super) and protects you against throws at the same time.

vasAZNion13 - Yeah, you’re probably right. Like I said, I have no idea what anyone’s talking about. Bar Dentron’s last comment.

you’re a fucking moron if you ever go for the show-off rolento CC in a match of any importance (ie money/tournament match). go into training mode, look at the damage difference between the easy-mode B&B custom and the flashy jumping strong custom…400 damage give or take.

i hope you fuck it up everytime and lose your money/get eliminated if you’re that arrogant.

/end rant.