Roll call west texas players interest for tournaments


the lubbock group is looking to hold a monthly/weekly depending on the interest from players. if we do not get any feedback its obv what will happen so to give a general idea of what we are looking for is the opinions of what games you would like see at the tournament. just for a head ups injustice and ssf4 ae is a guarantee. we also want the feedback of what the community thinks is a fair reasonable price for entry fee/venue fee we will try are best to get what you want but its up to the owner hopefully the input we give will hold weight to the price. to the “community leaders” of various groups plz tell the players u know to make a account if they have a account tell them to post there thoughts of dates, time. price, games, format, prizes matter any input they can give will be greatly appreciated. if you guys want i can make a poll to how many people play certain games i do not want to leave any game community out if shit ton of people play clay fighter say it a list of games we are considering marvel3, sfxt, ttt2, persona4, i am aware of alot of games are not on the list. if you feel any games like smash, soulcalibur, vf5, skullgirls, pokeman, etc etc are being left out say something do not sit on the fence crying about games not being consider if players feel we should all hold hands grab each others tits let me know we want every input the community has to offer plz give feedback if you want to talk about this more in a deeper conversation and pitch ideas hit me up on skype @steven_gongora806 nothing is set in stone its up to the community.




i was having this conversation today as a matter of fact… sfxt is my game but im learning injustice… i play ae some and ill definitely pick up umvc3 if there was to start being a weekly or monthly… imo a monthly would better suit our area for getting up and started… i definitely want west texas to become a part of the fgc map and to start picking up some rep points around the fgc… one thing is certain and that is if west texas is to start producing competitors, then we first need competition amongst ourselves… if there is any way i can help get this started, let me know doode…


ya i feel the same way about it being a monthly your input matters alot. i suspected no1 to reply since tournaments in west texas has been a dead end but this 1post is enough for me to put effort into this i will keep everyone updated next week to let everyone know whats going to happen. if you have any friends who want anything in particular to how it should be run just anything tell them to post. on a side note been thinking mayb a city vs city thing if it gets support im down to try that sounds hype as fuck


btw tx brayne storm where u live at my nikka alot of the lubbock guys play sfxt.


As long as AE is there, I’m there


of course my dude ae will be the main game i make sure the best west texas ae players will get to develop a higher lv of play. btw in your opinion what is the best format for ae 2-3 3-5


For tournaments? 2/3 but since we are a small scene 3/5 might be better for more matches and experience.


ok thx was thinking the same glad to get feedback so fast. you seem like a season player what do you think of pay outs top 3 or winner takes all. strictly on a top player incentive to travel and support more


To get some top players here you’re going to need a big pot bonus. Also standard split is 70/20/10


I’m from Littlefield and like I said if it was a monthly I would guarantee I could make it if fits my work.schedule… probably not a weekly tho and IMO a “big pot bonus” isn’t necessarily what is needed to pull interest of lots of people… West Texas is a THIRSTY region… we have no competition here… any player that wants to take their game to the next level like me wants his to happen as bad as the next… don’t get me wrong tho, Im all for a “big pot bonus” to try to get more people showing up, but realistically, where is a “big pot bonus” going to come from?


Also if you are trying to get casuals to show and possibly build up their interest then injustice is a game that will 100% have to be there… its a fresh game and casual players usually only play a fighting game for the first few months after its release…


ya injustice is a must i thought srk would get overflow of casuals but nothing yet from what it seems most injustice players our content playing online. on the other topic of “big pot bonus” prolly not going to happen lol we poverty over here nah saynnn . but i think i could try add like 50-100 bucks to the game with most entrys this seems more viable


Got any ideas for the first event?


if you are talking dates none at all the lubbock group is going to talk about it this week i post this sunday and let everyone know. ideas of like any money matchs etc etc none at all so if any1 does not like someone in west texas let me know i be down to run a grudge match(fuck katarfaggot)


brayne storm if you want more in on the loop we can talk on skype about it i would love to have help and advice from out of city


Lol man I don’t have Skype… I don’t even have a laptop or computer lol… u have xbl by any chance man? Cuz yeah I would definitely like to be able to help out any way I can…


ya man rtk xsuperfrez3 hit me up when im online


so to keep everyone updated i have not talk to the lubbock group yet but i have been working on geting a legitimate supporter for the monthly. when i say supporter to get a idea of what he is doing providing setups and games etc etc etc and in the future a actual gaming venue. right now the venues our leaning towards hobby shops(card&board games) which raise concerns for the community. the concerns i have is since its a card shop we dont actually bring business to it so the venue fee might be more, that is not a problem for me i am willing to pay more but the community may feel different. this is a mayb not to be pessimistic but i dont want to try and set this shit up and nobody come cause of the venue fee was 15-30 bucks these our not prices of the venue but most realistic. the reason why i have these qualms is due to few posts and interest the thread has got. i would like to thank braynestorm and chairman for reaching out if it was not for you two i would not have even gave a shit but two people is enough for me however mayb not for other people. one last update on the supporters the group our close friends of mine and there ideals of gaming i support. they our going to do some big shit in the near future on some “SUPER MAX CPM ESPORTS RIOT STATUS”. will do a update in 1week to keep two people informed lol. if you have any questions our ideas hit me up on twitter @gamefreakyoshi skype @steven_gongora806 xbox live rtk xsuprefrez3 reach out if you have any feint interest of this its one love with me dawg


I’ll drive to lubbock AND pay 30 bucks to play some new people.