Roll Cancel God Press



I REALLY need to learn how to perform this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Like, the pattern to perform it, speed with your fingers etc…


all I can add is to perform this inbetween the Low forwards into Fireballs buffer…

but chances are it’s hard to do AND an opponent who knows this will NEVER buffer into the FB which makes a blocked RC godpress lethal (for you) a failed RC godpress susceptible to throws or a failed everything means you get reduced guard meter (and you’re back from scratch)

so most likely the opponent will never buffer a bufferable move against you and will only concentrate on breaking your guard the normal way (which is pretrty much what you’re susceptible of)

RC Genocide COULD cover his AA problems but I think it’s best to mix it up with his standing strong and standing Roundhouse.

I may reconsider my post in the General Fighting games forum, Rugal is not so much a bad character but he’s a little Broken (Failed to live up to the creativity concept capcom gave him), he lacked his CvS1 priority giving him even less options.

I’d put him at the Lower Tier 3(mid tiers) to the Highest Tier 4(lower tier but not completely worthless) at least

and let us remember unlike all the other bosses, Rugal plays the MOST DIFFERENT when compared to his KOF counterparts. This doesn’t feel like Rugal at all (I’m not saying it’s a bad thing… I’m just saying this thing[whether you interpret it good ir bad] Is jUst not Rugal).

still that’s a comment, not a complaint.


Couldnt you use RC god press as an anti air?? I think I have seen it used for that. Anyways I beg to differ, I enjoy using Rugal, and he really is not a HORRIBLE character. He might not have the broken moves and most priority, but he ranks a lot higher than many characters in the game.


Roll cancel god press isn’t a very good anti air. they have to be coming at a certain angle, and even so sometimes they land before you hit them, (as adding the RC creates a slight delay). It CAN be used as anti air but it’s not reliable enough to do so. RC dark barrier is a better AA than god press, it’s also funno to rc dark barrier at fireballs… the fireball doesn’t bounce back until it’s almost behind him…