Roll Matchup guides

Ok I just wanted to start a thread for this basically because I’ve been seeing way too much Karas talk so I started really paying attention to my Karas matchups and I learned some stuff, but I figured I’d use it to get the ball rolling on a matchup thread.

Vs. Karas
Obviously, he’s going to try to range you and/or to combo you. There are a few moves to look out for that Karas players love to spam, but won’t get them very far if you know what you’re doing.

First off, if there’s one thing you want to take away from this, :d::snkb: is your friend in this matchup. It beats out a ton of his stuff and you can go into her bnb’s off of it. Also, stay in the air or crouchblocking unless you’re on the offensive. Never walk or dash, just IAD, as it limits his options if he gets a hit in on you, which he will. He doesn’t have any real overhead options except for jump ins, which is the one time you should standing block.

Ok, on to Kara’s moves. First, his :d::snkb: (long range crouching slash). Karas players are always trying to go for this move because it’s got long range and you can combo from it. What they don’t always realize is that the reason its range is so long isn’t because it’s got a huge disjointed hitbox, but because he leans forwards. Your :d::snkb: will beat this cleanly from a long distance away because it’s faster, has ok range, and it hits Karas leaning forwards.

Secondly, his standing :snkb: (a circular slash that goes all around his body) This one has a few ways you can punish karas for it. First, if you’re inside it’s range, you can, once again, hit a :d::snkb:. If you’re at the edge of its range, maybe even a tiny bit inside it, you can hit a :d::snkc:. Also, if you’re ballsy, you can air dash right at it. If Karas is trying to intimidate you into staying back by throwing this out when you’re clearly not in its range, you can IAD right when he swings his sword and go through at the end, because it doesn’t have a lot of active time on it, and hit him with an IAD:snkc: You can do the same thing with a roll sweep or turbo sweep, if he throws this out, just be blocking and immediately after when it would hit you hit forward and all 3 buttons, you’ll either get a pushblock or a sweep/turbo sweep into him depending on how the game’s feeling.

Karas’ :d::snka: (crouching kick poke) is a little bit harder. They probably won’t use this unless they’re in really close, but the way you can hit it depends on your range. Fortunately, if you’re at a slightly longer range, but you don’t know if he’s going to use this, a :d::snkb: or even a :d::snkc:, you can punish all 3 at medium-ish range with a :d::snkb: from roll. If you’re close though, the :d::snka: will hit you, and you have to go for your own :d::snka:, which should trade unless he’s REALLY deep (touching you) at which point just block because it comes active sooner than yours.

Karas players won’t go for the :d::snkc: (sliding kick) much because they can’t combo off of it, but it’s still beatable in the old ways, :d::snka: close or :d::snkb: at mid range. Just try to use them at the edge of their normal ranges. You can do these same things for either of Karas’ other standing moves (the :snka: or the :snkb:. He’s got a :r::snkc:, but it’s so slow it’s laughable.

It’s all theory, but take this an incorporate it into your game, and you should do a lot better against Karas.

how do you use 2B safely? if they end up blocking it do you just make sure it hits before you press down c?

nvr mind its a really easy hit confim.

any tips on fighting doronjo with roll?
i got second at a tournemnt losing to a doronjo, polymer team. and since i had never played one before i really had no idea how to fight her.

Vs. Doronjo -
Doronjo’s normals are OK but nothing to write home about, meaning once you get most of the stuff you want to do will beat out most of her normals. The Key to this matchup is avoiding her specials and her supers, because that’s where she gets the big damage.

Doronjo’s specials are mostly position specific, meaning she has to call them out to a specific spot on the screen, and she has to pretty much know where you’re going to be. This makes this matchup largely about mind games. It’s probably a little bit better for Roll to approach from the air in this matchup. This way you won’t get hit as often by the walking out punching guy, and you won’t get hit by the grabbing guy. When you’re approaching from the air though, she can still use the falling boulders or the palm tree. This is why it’s important to vary your approaches so she can’t call what you’re going to do all the time and keep hitting you. Most importantly, be aware of her counter super. If you’re just doing IAD:snkc: all the time, you will get countered.

So basically, do all kinds of crazy stuff. IAD, jump cancel, backwards air dash, land, water bucket. IAD, jump air dash again straight over her head. Jump in up cancelled j.Cx2. Empty jump ins if you think the counter super is coming. Dash in on the ground sometimes.

Another important thing is the boulder, most good doronjo players will use this a lot. When she calls it out, you kind of want to distance yourself from her so you’re not blocking/attacking when it comes. When it starts getting to you, try to super jump it. You might have to double jump/air dash/whatever over it, but you don’t want to get behind the boulder on a good Doronjo player.

Anyways, that’s a little stuff, hope it helps. Anybody feel free to ask about characters and I’ll do my best to help.

In my opinion, Saki is a very bad match up to Roll. Her zoning style just makes it tough for Roll to get inside for her bnb. I got caught out by grenades, her projectile spam, the lot.

Do you have match videos? I always am looking for tourney Roll matches. :slight_smile:

nah that wasn’t recorded. ill see if i can next time maybe but i don’t have a camera.

thanks for the info.

how do you play against chuns. I keep feeling that air to air she beats roll. that doronjo player also played chun in casuals(she was his second best character). he could do the infinite but since he mashed out his combos i was able to just block and punish for 30k alot. I feel like that matchup could be trouble.

Saki’s a terrible matchup for roll, chun’s actually a little bit better. I happen to have some fairly large experience against these two in particular. You have to play on the ground more than you’d normally like to against Chun, and with Saki it depends on the situation.

Roll’s sliding attacks are useful in these matchups, so if you don’t use them, start. Just dash and then execute a crouching attack and you’ll get a long range on them at pretty quick speeds.

Vs. Chun Li - Either stay low, or stay in the air. Chun Li players will claim that you’ll only fall out of her DP super, but you tend to pop out of various other things sort of at random, although not consistently. being in the air also makes it harder for her to get combos that are as long as she’d like. (Aerial) lightning legs is a bitch, but you can usually get around them just staying low and slightly out of her reach. More than trying to combo in this matchup all the time you should be going to frustrate the Chun player. Hit just jumping :snkc:s and :d::snkc:s from outside of the range she wants to be at. and then when you see the opportunity, make it count, either with a double :snkc: aerial>combo (since a single off of an IAD won’t consistently combo) or a slide into a combo. Make sure to keep her guessing though, IAD, assist, jump away. Chicken guard by just sliding in without an attack in low block position to keep them guessing. Other than that just play pretty safe. Again, low or in the air. BTW, do not advance guard her fireball super if you can survive it with a regular guard, otherwise you won’t be able to punish nearly as easily.

Saki - This is probably Roll’s worst matchup imo. She just has so many tools to make roll’s life miserable. You’ll almost never want to just IAD since you can hit her ball charge shots like that, so unless she doesn’t have one of those out and doesn’t have a charge, just don’t IAD. Either full jump air dash, or what I do is IAD, jump, 2nd IAD, so you’re a little bit above the normal jump height, and it’s a little better for mixups since you can do the same looking patters with assist/jumpaway stuff or just whatever. Also if you know she’s going to shoot, do this, because you can be sure to go over anything she will shoot and hit her in recovery. You don’t really want to just approach on the ground much though, because of the obvious factor of any of her shots just smacking you. But another thing is in the air she has a couple options against you. First off, grenade>laser super, second off, a counter super on your IADs, these can hit you way more consistently than they should if you’re not smart. You have to play this matchup super safe. Do tons of chicken guarding on air dashes to try and bait a wasted laser super and if one ever misses you totally, you can punish it with a sliding combo. Go for heals more often than you would in most matchups. Do not ever throw out the water bucket. This shit is rough but just guard a ton, only attack if you’re sure, and be ready to VC her unblockables out. Whoever your partner is, they’ll be a better matchup anyways lol.

In short, vs Saki, use your partner. :rofl:

Roll beating saki is possible. Heartnana, the other SRK guy in my town here uses Saki/chun when we play and I can take his saki out…sometimes, you just have to be smart. She can punish most everything you do, but doesn’t do damage in huge chunks, just large enough to kill you quickly if you get hit by a few of them consecutively. Fortunately hitting a :d::snka:,:d::snkb:,:snkc:, roll sweep BBQ :snkb:,:snkc:, roll sweep, turbo sweep x2 does well over half of her health iirc. It just relies on you out-thinking them

OK, my turn. I was out at the arcades yesterday and I was doing well until a PTX player came up and just smashed my roll, and unfortunately, my casshern didn’t quite make it on his own. SO, anybody have any good strats against the giants with roll?

What did he do?? :looney:

Roll is really the only thing PTX is good for, lol cries

Anyway, to combat a PTX, I would recommend running away a lot and spamming water bucket until you build up enough meter to land a level 3.

Besides that, uh…I don’t play Roll well enough to know her side of the matchup.

Another thing to watch out for is, try to stay in his blind spots where he can’t shoot you with his machine guns. If he’s dumb enough to try and throw you, mash buttons hard and you’ll get out in no time. At close range, you’ll want to watch out for his launcher, which is one of his better moves.

Seriously PTXs in Japan play nothing like in America. I was talking about this before on #TvC earlier, but they play mad rushdown PTX, they will never even use the guns and it’s way scarier than the way you normally think to play the guy.

Yeah, I’d love to hear about that actually. Maybe I’ll log on to #TvC later and you can tell me about it. I can’t believe they don’t use guns though. The damage from 2 rounds of machinegun fire and the usefulness of the missiles is too good to pass up.

But PTX still fails to Karas and Tekkaman no matter what they do so blagh. x_x

Are there any sample videos of this?

I played PTX for arcade mode, did training mode with him and stuff, and honestly I thought the guns awful. Very little damage with normal machine guns (even with double shooting, 236A 214A), which is what you have almost all the time, and rolling dice for missles is lame. I could definitely imagine rushdown being a better playstyle, that’s how I ended up using him. He’s not a main for me, so I wouldn’t know expert rushdown techs.

Anyway, this is better for the PTX thread.

I just use my partner until i hit level 3 then try my best to hit rolls bucket super.

any tips on against Souki and Zero?
Particularly for Zero when he’s all zipping around in the air, can seem to get him grounded enough, and seem to mess up on the crossup blocks of his. and yea, I been using Roll’s jumping C.

I need help against Tekkaman Blade’s mixups, PERIOD. It seems like he’s so safe even after I guess right, and then it’s just a reset for another mixup. Anyone figured this out yet?

What exactly are Tekkaman’s Mixups? Describe them and maybe I can help you out. I can hold my ground against most tekkamans, Although it is one of the tougher matches.