Rollcancel tips help

cvs2 ps2


step 1 : buy a joystick

Be sure you know when you can roll cancel as well…it’s no good trying to practice an RC in a combo since you can’t combo rolls, the RC move won’t be RC’ed. I suggest “rolling your fingers” or “drumming” them. First you learn how to RC with a near 100% success rate with a hp move, then a mp move, then the kicks, and finally with lp and lk (I find those very hard personally).
This is how I practice:
To RC a sonic boom: b, lp+lk, f + hp. I find this very easy…just make sure that you do the f+hp very very quickly.
To RC a burn knuckle: d, db, lk+lk, f + hp. I find this harder to do than the charge moves.

No wonder you’re having a hard time RC’ing burn knuckle, that’s not even the command for the move. Just kidding, btw.

qcf moves
d+lp+lk, df, forward + fp/fk

push down and roll at the same time and roll your hand and joystick at the same speed

charge moves (psycho crusher)
charge back, tap down + roll, roll a fireball to forward and hit fp

**, d+roll, df, f+fp

thats how i RC

it takes practice

Silly me, that’s what I get for paying attention to my right hand and not my left. lol

I could also really use some help doing roll cancels. I get get that timing down for the life of me. I’ve got an arcade stick, so I don’t have any problems actually doing the moves, but the timing seems really severe. Specifically, I need help roll cancelling with these characters.


Also, would I be correct in assuming that RC LK Hurricane Kick and RC LP Burn Knuckles are pretty safe ways of aggreisvely gaining ground?

(This has been answered previously in the other RC thread)

Turn on the command display in training mode. It will help you see what you’re doing wrong and correct it.

It’s generally a bad idea to try to use RCed moves for the expressed purpose of moving forward on the screen, as the RC invincibility doesn’t last for the whole move (only lasts for 20 frames or so, 1/3 of a second, and goes away after a block, JD, or parry). RC LK Hurricane might end with Sagat clipping you with a as you land into a combo. Bad.