Rollie Electronics - Rollie Translucent Pushbuttons 24mm or 30mm $1.00 each


Rollie Translucent Pushbuttons 1.00 ea. while supplies last.

24mm Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Pink and Clear

30mm Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Pink and Clear

If you have any questions you may contact me at

Parts ship from the US. All Prices in US Dollars. Prices above DO NOT include shipping. In your e-mails ALWAYS include your NAME and FULL ADDRESS.



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Again, welcome to the SRK forums, I’ve got parts from you indirectly in the past and they always arrived quickly and correctly. It’s up to you but you might want to post the available colors and pricing here on the page so people can email you all inclusive orders. Best of luck here, I’m sure you’ll see plenty of sales soon.

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Yeah, I’m interested in this. Mind listing the available colors and method of payment?


Update thread with pricing, colors & payment info.




Thanks for the update.



do you carry seimitsu sticks?

also, do you stock parts or collect orders into a big shipment?


From my experience, everything he sells, he has on-hand to ship out immediately.


hey there

could you tell me if you’ll be getting a GT-Y (octagonal gate) anytime soon? also, do you sell the sanwa jlf stick without the mounting plate?

just wanted to know because i was going to order from akihabarashop, but apparently they only have specific shipping dates, and from the looks of it, i’ll be getting the parts in the third week of august…if you could deliver before that, i’ll buy them from you instead…

and one more thing - i live in canada, but will i be able to pay for the parts through my paypal account, but have you ship the parts to someone i know in the US?



Soul Survivor, I sent you an e-mail.




ponyboy…glad to see you migrating to these forums. I’ve bought stuff from you at BYOAC. I’ve actually referred a lot of people to you from these forums.

FYI…a lot of people here are interested in Happ competition buttons, Happ competition sticks, and P360’s. If you posted your prices for those items I’m sure you’d get some response.

I can vouch for ponyboy :tup:


f*ck! i see this thread *RITE *after i buy from himura games . . . :sad: o well, i dont think i lost *that *much money.


Pony carries the entire happ line. So browse their site, get the part no.s and shoot pony a PM.

Pony, you have a pending order with me btw :tup:
Check your PM’s


This guy is good, I’ve had friends that have done business with him in the past and have gotten their products ASAP. This should be stickied, I see this thread getting big like Finkle’s.


Got my Sanwa stick and buttons today. THanks alot


More parts available.




sent you an email, ponyboy


Som e-mail received. I will have answer for you today.




do you carry Sanwa JLW TM8 sticks?


sent you an email


It doesn’t really state this in the original post, but do the prices include shipping?