Rolling Thunder

What exactly is it useful for? It goes through fireballs I guess but wouldn’t ducking into corkscrew blow work just as well?

there is no duck xx corkscrew blow. corkscrew blow isn’t in the game and even if it was, you can’t cancel into ultras. doing a complete duck then corkscrew cross afterward probably wouldn’t be fast enough, but i don’t have the game to test it.

this does lead me to a similar question though. is duck xx super still possible w/ rocket?

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heh, i feel like everytime i post to put questions in the Q&A thread, it’s overkill. People are just starting to make random question threads now…that’s why i made the Q&A thread…to stop this garbage. Seriously…stop making new threads.

Yeah, random question threads are going to pop up all over the place.


k relax, no point it saying the same shit over again, i posted the question in the question thread already.