Does her roll suck? It seems a bit…slow…


Well, its certainly not the best. But its not the worst. Rolls are meant for anticipation of a move, as an evasive type. Like evading a Psycho Crusher when it may chip you to death.


everybodies roll is good no matter how slow or fast it is cause if it can help me roll past a shinkuu hadouken then im kool with the roll…:cool:


yeah her rolls a bit weak compared to many others, and she doesnt really have “amazing” or “broken” roll cancels so i guess its not necessary to play in a groove with roll…


Chun-li’s roll is really good… I dunno what you guys are talking about. 30% damage for free every time you manage to get in playing footsies.

All her special moves are very useful when roll canceled too. It gives her the wake-up she doesn’t have (with combo potential afterwards), a free invicible poke up close, and all that trapping goodness against big guys.


The problem with Chun’s roll is that it’s too slow and too long. She’s begging you to throw her during her roll. You could be playing footsies but what if the person’s poke recovers before your roll ends. Chun is proper f*cked. And what is this 30% damage free every time nonsense? What if Chun doesnt have meter? A successful roll into better position is just that for Chun w/o meter… a better position. Otherwise, you roll and do one of her block strings and your positions are essentially reset.

I do concur with you saying her moves are useful being RC’d, as they are. RC Lightning Kicks are great, RC Spinning Bird Kicks are even better, RC Kio-ken’s are eh.

The morale of the story is “Don’t abuse her roll.”