Roll's Healing?

Going to be playing this game alot pretty soon to help my EVO partner train for the TVC tournement, so ive been looking at the roster. Roll seems to be an incredibly solid character now, but i had some questions regarding her heal. Mainly, who it works on.

Ive gotten allot of different responses to this from my buddies. Sometimes they say that it heals your teammate whoever it is, some say that the teammate has to be at least partially robotic, such as megaman, zero, and cashern. Some say that the robo-rule only applies to your enemies jumping in to steal the heal.

One of the reasons i was considering Roll was her heal ability. (was planning on making Karas my other main, and her heal WOULD help with his HP deficiency by the look of things. Plus they seem to synergize fairly well too. Not to the level of cashernxroll, but oh well.)

So does the heal always heal your teammate if it connects? or does it only work on the robo people? And if so, is there a list of who it works on and doesnt work on?

The posts on here weren’t very clear about that and i havent been able to find any good videos of this kind of stuff on youtube, other then what has already been posted in the roll videos thread. And all that showed was allied/enemy casherns getting the heal.

any feedback is appreciated. Thanks guys, and cya at EVO!

It’s actually a projectile. If you are doing a super and roll tries to heal, you can destroy it. A friend of mines did it with Saki. And also, I think it damages humans, and robots can intercept it.

I’m certain it only works on those who are at least partially robotic, I did a DHC with Roll and Alex, Alex didn’t get healed despite being directly hit with the orb.

K thanks. So that means i just need to figure out who counts as partially robotic. Easy enough for the capcom characters, roll, zero, megaman, and ptx, but i have no clue for tatsunoko other then G Lightan and Cashern.

Il test it on Karas this Saturday. His suit is KINDA mechanical… I mean, it has the grappling hook… (prays it works)

Works with casshern, i heal him all the time

There’s a man inside of Karas’s suit.

(watch the anime, it’s pretty hot)

Roll’s Healing move works on anybody and everybody who’s a robot (or partly). That includes:

  • Mega Man Voulnutt
  • Zero
  • Both Giants
  • Casshern
  • and, of course, Roll herself.

In any case, the Healing super will only work on the above. Human partners will be unaffected, and CPU Humans will take a very small hit from it.

Best setup for Healing is:

Charge, A,B, :d:+ C, Roll Swing xx Healing

…though I’m hearing that in UAS, it’s safe even without the Charge now.

It’s kind of safe. If you’re not in the corner and you use C swing, the opponent recovers very slightly before you but at full screen. So, people with attacks that go full screen very quickly can punish it, people who don’t have those attacks, can’t.

Using uncharged swing in an air combo still makes it safe. Depending on your partner you can bait the opponent into a DHC (ex: using Zero’s Rekkoha since it is usually safe to use) or even just an assist depending on who it is (Polymar).

Also, is there an estimation somewhere of how much the heal does or if it is a %? I’ve been trying to find it and have had no luck…

I believe I read somewhere it’ll heal 1/6th of roll’s health.

Healing won’t work on Tekkaman or Tekkaman Blade? They are partly robotic just like Megaman.

Megaman IS a robot

the Tekkamans are men in suits

If that is the case it will heal about 6666 hp. Does this mean it heals around that much or 1/6 of health to anyone able to be healed by it?

Human partners won’t be affected? I used Yatterman-1, and he was knocked out of his Super Assist because of it. :3

Hey I just put a short with zero/roll which mainly shows a couple different ways to heal. Not at all practical, but I hope you all enjoy it.