ROM dumpers


I found a way to obtain roms legally- just rom dump from a cart.
My brother has an old sfII turbo and SFII ww cart at my granny’s so I’m covered on that.

Thing is, I don’t know where I’d go (as in a physical place not EBAY) to buy one or even what one looks like or what the good brands/ new models are and can do.
Preferably I’d like one that can do dvds/cds so I can upload hyper fighting, kof 99, and sfIII onto GGPO for online play- I have a ps2 and wii, mind you. And yes, I did post is in the techie noob section and searched. I didn’t get any results from either, which is whyu I am posting this. Any help on the topics I mentioned will be appreciated. Thank you.


What are you asking about? What PC you should buy?


I feel alil dumber after reading your post…


Well, ebay would be the place to go to check and see what a rom-dumper would look like - if you can find one. It’s not like they sell them at Walmart. In fact, alot of people build their own, and they’re usually cart-specific. I think you need to go googling

And a CD/DVD isn’t a ROM - at least not in the sense we’re talking about. ROM (in this particular usage) refers to the chip in a cartridge (Or a series of chips on a arcade mainboard, such as the dumps for MAME), of which you are dumping it’s memory contents to a file. CDs/DVDs/PS2 discs, etc would be an image file (.iso) or something along those lines. Again, you need to google.