ROM finger methods

I’ve tried the claw method and don’t really like it. How does this so called slide method work?

The slide method is you do sj, lk, mk(with your thumb), then you do Ad D/f(index, and middle), then you do the d+lk(by sliding your index finger from the lp, to the lk, then mk.)

i think the claw method is better though because your hitting the buttons one after another, with all 3 fingers on the buttons. Also it’s quicker when tri jumping.


In general:

Slide = lk lk with index, then index + middle on lp + hp, then you slide your index down to lk lk again. Repeat.

Claw = Thumb on lk, index + middle on lp + hp. I’m sure you know what you do with that.

sliding skins my fingers and i dont like using my thumb so i do the claw with

lk mk with index
air dash with middle and ring finger

it might work for u…

that actually sounds uncomfertable as shit, but thanks.

Ah, so that’s it. like the way it sounds. (goes to practice)

i tried the sllide method i cant do it i have to do the claw method

i personally like the slide method. ive chipped/broken/bled my thumbnail to death doin the claw.

you just got to get use to the claw. its wayyyyyyyyyy more consistent. taking your fingers off the buttons just gives more room for error. sometimes my middle finger accidentally slides with the index and i end up hitting a hk. not to mention it also prevents calices n shit like that haha.

I can’t do the claw. Probably have to pratice it some more. Its true what tech master said, you do get calices on ur fingers by the slide method. I have it right now on my index finger :frowning: hahaha fuck it

slide slide slippity slide… always worked well for me needs to be practiced a lot tho…

I use the Slide Method…I don’t get calises.
The way I do the Slide Method is, I stick both my index and fuck you fingers together, that way I always hit the two punches at the same time, then slide both fingers towards the lk, so I don’t touch the hk.

i use my own awkward method. i’ve found only one other person that thought it was comfortable, but you can try it…

lk, lk (middle finger ~ index finger)

addf, lk (index+middle, claw with thumb)

lk (slide down index finger off of jab)

it’s a combination of both methods.