Rome, NY


I like a few other, judging from the forums, am interested in getting together for casual gaming. I have found that living in this area makes it difficult to get together with folks. I have found a few options though.
A gamer at SUNY it on Saturdays.
Some game shop in Herkimer.
MVCC gaming club.
A soon to be under construction lan center in Rome.
I play a lot of fighters and would like to organize something or find a place to hang out locally. There is a bar in Rome called the mill that has a TV and a sofa in th back. I have talked to the owner and he doesn’t mind people using th TV. Ts just a matter of getting people together. Let me know your thoughts.

Looking for people in the Utica-Rome area, NY

Sounds like a good idea. But where exactly is Rome in NY?


Up by Syracuse.
I live near Ithaca and work in Cortland. I don’t play MvC, but I will tell you from experience, not many players up this way. There’s a scene in Syracuse. Talk to @Damus about it.


tournament next week