Romney likely cost himself the election with this comment


Mitt is no stranger to foot in mouth disease but this is a new level.
The truly funny aspect is a lot of people will 100% agree with his statement but in the long run he will apologize and say it was a mistake.
Showing him as spineless as well as reckless.


Of that 47%, how many of them are senior citizens? Children? Homeless people?

Honestly, Mitt just needs to stop talking.


One can only hope.


I get what he was saying, but isn’t something you should say aloud while on a campaign trail.


Comments like those are common among the conservative base, I’m surprised that he’s catching any heat for this at all.


All he’s doing is telling it how it is. I don’t really follow politics cuz its a bunch of people spouting lies at each other and the public.

But this seems like a nice change of pace.


I don’t feel like a victim. I do feel, on the other hand, that there are many decisions made by private entities which have too great an impact on my life without having any control on whether or not these decisions are truly being made for the betterment of society.

Whatever the fuck you call that feeling, that’s the one I have.


I need Mitt to continue talking shit. The faster his ship sinks the better.


Yeah that was sort of what I thought…

I’m like “So”…this is exactly whats wrong with politics in general. Thats typical conservative thinking, yet there is a need to sugarcoat it. If you feel that way speak it and own it. He owned it - I have NO issue with it. How can I? It’s how he and ALOT of other people feel…its neither right or wrong. He didn’t cal lthem bad people. He just said he won’t sway their vote…and he’s right.
shoulder shrug

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The only problem I had was the way he condemned ALL the “47%” who won’t vote for him as lazy, parasitic freeloaders. Of course that element does exist, but there are so many different circumstances and variables that he doesn’t even acknowledge. Also, maybe some of those people won’t vote for him because he comes off as an arrogant, clueless, unlikeable, elitist jackass. This little speech to a room full of his rich buddies didn’t help things.


We,re talking about a guy who’s never known what it’s like NOT to be rich. OF COURSE he’s going to think that guy making $17k a year and getting his taxes refunded is a freeloader. >_>


People are shocked to here this? Do people actually pay attention to current events?


Why did they nominate this clown over Ron Paul again?


For the record, the free market does not have victims. Victims in the economic sense only occur where government fails in policy (interventionism) or enforcement (fraud, theft). Romney is wrong however, because it’s simple to see that the government is set up to incentivise the rich to maintain their position through lobbying. Poor people really are victims without a voice in our system.


Ron Paul thinks that creating boogeymen for ourselves is a bad idea while Republicans like to believe they live in a world where they are attacked for their ideals.


He didn’t say they were victims though, he said they feel like victims.

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Once Romney is touring the blue states, he’ll change his tune. Don’t be surprised if he says some shit that is almost literally the opposite of this.

I don’t hold against him that he self-identifies as conservative and I don’t even hold against him that his ideas and values tend to differ greatly from my own. My biggest problem with him is that he’s an opportunistic, two-faced cockbag who would piss on your leg and tell you [S]it’s raining[/S] to stop being a victim.


But they are victims. When a rich industry, individual, or firm can lobby for something like a tariff or other protectionist policy and the poor consumers, who the policy hurts, have no say they are victimized by either greed or a misunderstanding of economics. They should feel like victims, but maybe they feel like victims for the wrong reason.


the problem with this comment is that its a emotionally charged comment
mitt romneys greatest strength is that he is indifferent, non menacing , neutral, and utterly content

so that when casual voters look at him
they know obama, might be tired of him so they see romney
"oh hes not that bad"
decide to lean towards him
the people behind romney are the people you worry about


Romney saying something stupid is nothing new. Speaking as a person who has two pre-existing conditions, and lost their insurance after quitting a second job that was killing them. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan can go fuck themselves.