Ron Jeremy Hospitalized

Guess all that ass caught up to him :confused:

yeah ass…or the fact he’s a fat slob

for real though, I’ve met him in person and had a few beers with him and he’s such a down to earth guy for somebody who bangs human toilets all day.

Hope he gets well. I guess no sex for awhile o.0 I pity the first girl he cums up against.

Liked just because I learned the new word hirsute. The common root with the word hair seems pretty obvious, but I wonder if the sute that makes it look like “hairsuit” is explainable or just one of those Bob Ross happy accidents.

Get well soon Ron Jeremy.

My bros met him a while ago and said the same shit.
He is ridiculously fat and still banging the new hotties. So fat and jew

Does any1 have any vanilla ice gifs when he freaks out?

Oh sure…when it’s Ron Jeremy, its ok…but when I make a thread about fat sluts, it gets locked.
Barely half of those pictures were of them getting hospitalized anyway.

Ron always seemed like a cool ass guy.Hope he gets better

Hope he dies he is annoying. He keeps promising me that these pills will give me a longer schlong but they’ve only made me go blind in my right eye.

Yeah, I met him at a strip club called The Manor (probably one of the craziest strangest strip clubs I have ever ben to), and was there with a bunch of girls I hang out with, and some guys, and we invited him to drink with us and he did. We spent the rest of the night heckling strippers, having strippers go nuts over Ron, and just discussing his legit movies and some porn stuff. He seriously has a million fucking one liners to share, he split the tab with us, and he signed a bunch of things for us.

He’s such a fucking legend/hero/man-God

I’d be so happy if I could fuck hot women and make a super living off of it.

I know he is different as a personality too and the time he started, but shyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyt

Didn’t they keep touting on those Viagra commercials that if it goes on longer than 3 hours, see the damn doctor?!

No wonder he got chest pains, bein up 24/7 n shit…

Ron can time his money shot from the moment he enters a pussy. Seriously, try that yourself next time you’re with your woman/porn. Post the results.

Not gonna lie, when I saw this thread, I thought he was in there for either dehydration, or a penile injury.

…and I’m betting you all thought the same.

I told my girl about this and she said she couldn’t understand what was so special about him. She watched a video and aside from him being hairy, she didn’t get what was the rage about him back in the day, what with his small dick and all.

I tried to explain to her that he could cum on command so she asked me to try that right there on the spot.

Faking orgasms aren’t nearly as fun as white women make them out to be…

Does he still perform? If so, that’s kinda gross. Ron is cool and all, but he’s pretty gross looking now. :rofl:

he has a scene with Pinky :rofl:

I saw one a couple years ago of him with some girl that seemed like it was her first time doing porn. It was almost comedic IIRC on how he was fucking her mind up as well as her vagina.

Guess Pinky had no need to ask what they were doing THAT night…

Brain was involved.

He just died in the hospital a few hours ago, RIP.

Apparently his penis got wrapped around his neck, and then once he got an erection, there was nothing the doctors could do.

He is a really nice guy. I actually met him at a bar, and he took pictures with me and my friends all while entertaining a couple ladies he was with. When he got up to leave for a min, the ladies were laughing about how Ron…just had game…when we asked him what it was like hanging with him.Makes total sense.

God speed sir, a quick recovery to you