Ron Jeremy Hospitalized

get well 9 3/4

He is greaseball-chic

I saw one where he ate a fucking cake while doing a chick doggy style. Just parked the cake on her butt and started nailing her doggy style, while chowing down. Fucking hilarious.

A lot of chicks won’t fuck him cuz he looks like a half shaved dwarf, yet a TON of girls fuck him cuz it’s a huge boost in the industry. My buddy works in the cafeteria for TSN (The Sports Network, Canada’s version of ESPN), and said he would come in for interviews and would show up with a new hot girl every time. And Ron doesn’t really pay for things, he just is given them for free, or trades favours with whatever girl he is training at the time.

Lol at the cake eating. Classic on his part.

Damn. Cobra Clutched.

What the hell happened to him?