Ron paul ken forum

I’m not a weeabo fag so I dunno what a sggk is. So tell me.

and what’s Ken’s.

Please don’t give japanese words just explain it in english.

please don’t tell me you didn’t know that “sup” on 4chan filters to “RON PAUL” and purposefully used it in a thread.

There’s a thread in general strategy about it

but im asking here. so why not save us ALL the trouble? Jesus.

General Strategy is too cluttered too, I’m at work right now. I got work to do, I Can’t spend my time reading through scrub posts.


and PP, yes I knew, that’s why I used it. Uh duh.

you guys are all faggots.

At least we aren’t lazy faggots.

You lazy faggot.

I’m at work too, and I only have time to talk shit to people about not finding the information for themselves, even though if I just explained it in the first place, it would have taken just as long.

Seriously though, its just an option select where you input parry, kara throw, and super. If they throw out a move, you parry and hit confirm into super, and if they sit there you throw them.

ken’s sggk is not that useful… the best you can do is sggk tc into super, but you have to be in very close range since ken has no good kara throw.
execution is easy: parry and quickly mp.kara throw. but i still find it hard to land a tc super with it.

thank you


I don’t think I’d use strong myself, maybe crouching forward but I got the gist of it. It doesn’t have to be a link and as long as you can react quick enough to cancel super you should be ok right?

I’m pretty good with that low forward.