RoninWarrior Arcade Sticks (not a custom Ronin Warrior cartoon show stick)


Whats up SRK,

This thread will be a post for purchase thread, I will post what I have for sale then send me a PM if you are intrested. I will place a number code next to each image, you can use the code to notify me on which one you are intrested in. I don’t want to get into deep conversation on this thread for that go to this thread as I will post a link on there to this thread as well. my Tech Talk thread is here we can discuss all you want to know about the sticks in deep detail, thank you.

I have a small shop and can only do so much at a time so if you do have a request for a case I will place you on a waiting list and will work them in with the Spider RWX-01’s I’m making.

CaseCode= is the name of the case :example. x-wave
ComCaseCode= is the completed case code :example. RWX-01 spider/back

First Round-

*RWX-01 spider stick
-black, met black, pearl black.
-grey chips, gun metal, silver flake.
-custom colors- any perfect match dulpli-color shade (or if you have a suggestion)

Clear Coat-
-spraymax 2k urethane- this paint will go overtop of anything, unlike lacquer.

  • any types of stains or dyes, lacq or enam as well.

Each completed joystick will be different. I will post the details to them when there are ready.
-like= wood type, paint, parts, light up art, light up buttons.

RWX-01 Spider sticks - COMING SOON -

check here to see the prototype.

feel free to ask simple questions but as far as {how to} or help go to other thread please :slight_smile:

CaseCode = RWX-XW

  • 8 button layout (in any layout)
  • 2.25 inch tall
  • Template size- 14.5 in x 8 in

CC = RWX-AC (Arcade Classic)

  • 6 button (in any layout)
  • 2 side buttons for pinball games.
  • 2.25 inch tall
    *14.5 x 8 template.

( this case was a tester case made with hardend MDF and sealed, then primed- very heavy and very solid)- the test was a success

RoninWarriors Custom Arcade sticks

There has been some recent events in my life that has caused me to shut down shop for a week or two. I have 2 case that have been painted and clearcoated I just need to cut the panels for them.

I live alone now so I have to sell some stuff to pay some bills.
I will have to sell the spider prototype- I have never used it because I was using it as a show piece/ everything works on it fine.
I will let it go for
$500 without shipping


how much would it cost me to have you build me a stick and artwork if I already have the case/pcbs/parts?


hot damn, that Spider stick is SICK


@killmatix- whats up i’ve been away sorry bout that~~ hit me up on PM if you still want that done, or talk it over. thx


I am price dropping the spider stick to 350 US- as is. Never been used. brand spankin new!!! if you are interested pm me. thank you!


I also have a black pearl case and a green pearl case i will let go for cheep. I will post pics later. No panel or guts just a raw painted case ready for a DIY project. I can no long work on them or i would complete them. I no longer have the tools or space. thank you


misleading ass thread title…


Are you interested in a joystick?
were you expecting a (Ronin Warrior cartoon show) stick??? sorry


Yeah, I thought it was the latter…AND ITS NOT A CARTOON SHOW


Sent you a pm


animated series sorry. i call any thing animated “cartoon” guess i’m just old school-

pm-ed you back— Woop MstR


I am highly disappointed that this is not a custom Ronin Warriors cartoon show arcade stick.
Just kidding.


Are you selling just those empty cases now?