RoninWarriors Custom Arcade sticks

All you need to know about a Ronin Warrior Custom Joystick

Tiger Maple/ morrigan stick ps3/pc cthulhu board/2 blacklight LED’s installed in Seimitsu clear and clear green buttons/Sanwa Jlf/on and off switch for LED’s

Lastest stick was this Ninja Scroll inspired stick
Same as the Morrigan stick but without LED’s and made of hi grade pine, custom balltop or white / with white sanwa on top and back recently I put on back 3 purple clear Seimitsu’s.
all prints are on ultra premium matte paper printed with a 1400 Epson HD printer with water and fade proof ink.
4 sheets of 3/16 plexi to hold art and act as a control panel. super soild. the Paint is my own formulation of paint Green/purple/silver camellon paint(colour changing paint)

here is the white with purple and some color combos

here is a OK build, a spiderman stick that I sold

I coat all my stick with Minwax Polycrylic and I wet sand them to glass, super durable and easy to use.
I order all my parts from Lizardlick and I use olnly hi grade wood for the cases. I also have bin stencil painting lately so my cases are customized

nice work

thanks bro I haven’t slep for awhile so i’m gona crash! when I wake up I’ll finish up posting what I need to post and give a more detailed look at what I’m up too

Good job man.

A Ronin Warrior cartoon stick would be sick.


Great lookin sticks. I’m officially a fan.
The ninja scroll stick is my fav but the nsmbw stick is awesome too.

On the morrigan and nsmbw sticks how tall are they? Do they allow enough clearance inside to mount the jlf at proper height?

No Ronin Warrior themed stick? That anime was awesome, pay some homage and make an Anubis stick. [media=youtube]JvfX1JJpxF0[/media]

I dislike how far your buttons are spread out

any closer and the nuts wouldnt fit I have to use screw down and ??? It’s the same spacing as a Madcatz stick LOL I trace the templete from a TE but extend the joystick out a little. why lets see what you use???

bluerei> Yeah I?ll think about that I have to watch it first lol/ The name ronin warrior was a name I picked up back in 98. I had no idea there was an anime. It was and still is my Graph name 215 south philly!!! I no longer write just in a black book. I am a bastard samurai one without a master, I have good friends who are 5th degree Black belts and have studied the Samurai ways and who are considered SAMUARI they gave me my name

Thanks Nitewalker I promiss my next builds with be unstoppable, and yeah I mount them the same height as a TEMy cases range from 2.25in to 2in

Great work Ronin.

Thanks bro i’m always improving so my next builds should impress well I hope lol, na i’m pretty confindent that I can make greatness with these next sticks thanks again…

and that mock up stick took me 3 hrs to design it is not final in any sense i’m waiting to hear his thoughts

Man I love the designs of your sticks. Do you still make them for sale?

yes sir I just started first it was a love of making sticks, but I have alot of people wanting one so I figured I would answer, I am in the process of make 5 to 6 cases, 4 are already taken but I will have a cpl blank cases that still need homes then I’ll start round 2

lol how close do you want them?

btw great work how much would the tiger maple cost for a blank? and how much are you selling ur new blanks for?

Close Style, Instead of wide, Look at the spiderman stick, Then look at the mario stick, The third button on each row is farther then it should be

u r right i didnt even notice it i tought u ment closer to the joystick itself yeah i dont like that either i like viewlix and te layout looks like his newest is viwlix

I have yet to figure a cost of just a blank I will get back to you on that. I am currently selling completes single cons./ full custom art, paint and decals for 5 c-notes cases would be much cheaper because it’s my plexi and other components that make cost. Thank you and I will get back to you on that

Yo cam!!> They have a little play in them with the holes, These are my personal stick dude they are not for sale if a customer wants them closer than I would try my best to meet his needs 2nd I set the 3p button on the maple stick a little lower because my ring finger fits there perfect the others are not like that And I also have 2 different plexi’s cut for that maple stick one dropped and one not dropped If it ever starts to bother me I can change it why are you critiquing one button on my personal stick!!! if you don’t like my work that fine and dandy but to make weak critics on art is not I would love to see what your sticks look like post one up my friend. and you did not specify on your older post but now you comparing I thought you meant all my sticks???

Not saying you should change your name, but unless they are blood related to an ancestral family clan of samurai and trained in one of the few schools left in Japan that actually still teach bushido as passed down by Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Genshin, they are not samurai. Especially if they give out names like that. Sorry if you were misled to believe that.

-Majored in Japanese history and culture