RoninWarriors Custom Arcade sticks

I see I’m not the only one who was expecting an actual ronin warriors themed stick

fine I?ll make one lol. It is my nick name has nothing to do with that movie sorry. walk the streets of south philly and I know my name is still up on walls much respect out there. It has bin 5 years since I lived there and I still get calls saying that they still see my stuff, sorry again for the disappointment

How much do you charge for a completed stick or for a case?

I charge 500 u.s. (depending on what you want it may be more but that is the lowest) for a full custom single cons. i would just charge the price of an extra board to dual mod, seems simple I have yet to do it but can’t be wait to try. The Tiger maple is Expensive and the paint jobs take awhile to do but I love working with tiger maple. My materials are very good quality I do not use MDF only wood I don’t like that stuff. If you want a stick made of MDF (partical board) there are other stick makers doing that on this site. because wood last longer I use that and in time if you deside to have it redone It would be easy to strip and redo into a brand new stick!!! not sure how the Mdf would hold up to striping so I don’t want to risk Lastability for saving a bunch of money in my builds by using that stuff. hope this helps

Ronin have you seen the templates from slagcoin’s site? Some great and very precise layouts there. I prefer the astro city layout with the stick further away but will try the vewlix very soon. Maybe on the qcf case I got.

quick edit:
MDF isn’t particle board. MDF is good for control panel surfaces under the plexi. Now particle board is the same stuff most walmart furniture is made of and I can’t stand it. It’s evil. Once you get the dust under control MDF is a pretty good material for a lot of things.

“Ronin warriors” was an anime series that was created 22 years ago (at least that’s what the american version is called)

at least that’s what I’m talking about.

Sweet I’m gonna check it out thank you and I may just make one!!!

Ok I’ll take your word for it. I saw it in the home depot it was only $6.95 for a 12 foot board that was I think 6in wide and 1in thick thats sounds pretty cheap to me I may use them for a control panel but thats about it. I spent 4 times that for just the side and front pieces i use on one case, I’m gonna stick with wood. With a piece of MDF that size WOW I could make like 6 case so at a dollar a case someone is banking big time not me tho only quality!!! Yes it is stronger than Partical board but is just soaked in a type of hardener I think at least thats what it looked like. Masonite works for panels also and is a little higher grade

I kept wondering when you would start your own thread! I keep seeing great posts on sticks and helpful info on the “Check out my new arcade stick!” and knew you were eventually gonna make a thread. Great work and everything. I am an beginner stick builder and have made like 2-3 sticks, but nothing close to hi-quality grade like yours, B15sdm, Souji5, Nightwalker, and Valbjorn just to name ones I’ve seen. Great work…and stick building is fun! My wife LOVES to roll her eye at me when she’s finds me in the garage kickin’ up sawdust!

digging the spiderman stick

Yeah MDF is great for control panels. Not so much the sides/fronts/backs. For those parts using whatever wood you prefer is fine. MDF takes paint very well, but so does poplar so I prefer to use that. On top of taking paint great, poplar is stronger than MDF as well. What makes MDF so great for control panels is it’s stability and uniform thickness throughout. It’s also very easy to rout. Sticks like tmo’s and other use MDF as a control panel material. It’s good for that. Templates too.

The main difference between particleboard is that MDF is made from much finer particles of wood materials than particleboard. Hardboard is definitely more dense but I hate the smell it makes when cutting or routing. Hardboard makes good stick bottoms where art won’t be used.

Your sticks are definitely premium though, so I understand using wood throughout.

@weezy58 thanks man. More sticks from me coming soon.

well u made some real nice sticks bud cant wait to see more :smiley:

soon capsnikerz soon, once I finish a cpl orders i will post more. and I’m making a purple blue camellon painted case that is of mine own design. I’m not making it for anyone just gonna sell it if not Ill keep it cause it will be pretty sweet, so just getting stuff made at the moment.

I realized I haven’t said nice sticks yet

they really are exceptional, good work.

The Mario stick looks awesome

After seeing those sticks again. I really want to try to make my own arcade stick. I wonder how many years of expereinces you have on working on these sticks?

iits not the years of experience you have making sticks, its more the years of experience in which you have developed special skills that assist you in makin sticks, such as woodworking to make the actual case and everything hold together well and then painting and artistry. as you can see ronin has great painting and artworking skills just like b15 and then you can think of souji and kaytrim with their great woodworking skills. not saying that b15 and ronin dont have good woodworking or kaytrim and souji dont have good painting/artistry skills. I was just trying to point out different builders, they are all exceptional in all these skills. really knowing how to use power tools and make your sticks look good and perform exceptionally well is from the skills and experience you have had working these other things that you can port over to your stick building.

i really hope this made sence because i am tired and not sure i am coherent haha.

1 more thing i was wondering ronin do you make your own stencils when deciding the artwork to go on a stick. just wondering because i have always just made a design out of painters tape but of course it is not the ideal for reusing haha.

thank you"{ blklightning}" you answered his question perfectly!!! and about a year so far in stick building, but I use to pump out these cool little lock boxes that open by sliding a hidden piece of wood that activates the latch which then opens the box I came up with it in high school back in 98 I think it was my sr. year so 98-99 and now my old teacher uses it as an assignment, thats just to give you an idea on how long Wood and I have bin buddies lol. so just think how long before that I had to work with wood to get that good so yeah my whole life so start now bro it’s never to late

No I do not hand cut them hehe I have a beautiful machine left over from my clothing biz that didn?t last very long cause my partner skipped out and just when we was getting noticed, but I got to keep the equipment YES!!! I use a Roland GX-24 its the shizzzzznit

Words cannot express how envious I am right now. :arazz:
I have the Stika SV-12 and it does it’s job very well, but I’ve had my eyes on the GX-24 for a loooong time. Hopefully I’ll have it later this year. It’s a great machine.

yes it is!!! it cuts so clean and will also cut heavy material you could even lay painters tape down evenly on wax paper and it would cut it, I use con-tact brand but I want the good stuff like the stuff custom car makers use

Oracal ftw.
I use fdc right now but switching to oracal as I run out.