Room 1676

If you didnt know about this room number, then you were a nobody. Discuss…

This room was the most powerful hotel room @ evo free!!! Yjdk.

Evenif you were in the room does not mean you are somebody. Thread is irrelevant if your topic is being somebody

It got brutal in that room…so did JCS’s room 11006 in Masq, Tower and 1122 on iPanema Tower. POWERED UP !!! That was fun kickin’ it Sabin see u in NY.

People jdk about daigo taking people’s $$$$. Good shit art on being the only american and only person to take daigo’s personal $ in a first to 5.

Hart did as well didn’t he?

Yes he did.

He’s also from the UK.

Javits Arias Promotions -Javits made it all possible

Issei Suzuki with the translating was too good. He ran up on Daigo at the deli and asked whats really good with those money matches son?" Lol

But even before Arturo versus Daigo (best match at evo, vids comin soon)…

Combofiend versus Andre was hype personified…Peter Rosas with the trash talk was too good. The best U.S Bison versus the best U.S Viper

Evo tournament had great matches but the 1676 money matches need their own DVD

Ume-Shoryu with Daigo in the room makes seeing it own video look like child play. Seeing that shit real time is godlike.

Just ask RUIN. :slight_smile:

Room 1676 was legendary

If another Street Foghter documntary gets made that involves any of us, it should be called 1676. Chung’s commentary Saturday night during Ryan Hart’s matches was too much. Yea, we take WIC checks!

Real talk right now, all I have to say is…Christopher Hu.

Room 1676 = VIP Room :cool:

This room was HYPE personified.
Wish I was there for the Daigo MMs.
Combo vs Andre was GOOD SHIT:tup:

Room 1676 was on fire. Both literal and metaphorical.

The DVD itself should be called Room 1676

I bet the footage will be seen in I Got Next documentary only, props to Art…

Room 1676 = Arturo’s Bank :rofl:

Damn Art, good shit on mind fuckin Ryan. It’s weird seeing a pro player stuck on pause and jus looking at the select screen for 5 minutes, good shit! You make money on doin mm’s and I make money by betting on you, it’s a win, win. Shit, i’m still laughing at the people who were trying to figure out what “pringles” means.

i played a total of 3 matches in this room against art. I want more seph practice. GGs to u man

Has nothing to do with being somebody. All im saying is this room was “ReCockulous” it was like a KOF game straight “Dream Match” up in that bitch every night.

Too much talent in one small space that was ready to explode :cool:.