Room for rent near los angeles

sup people. i have a room for rent at my other house located in monterey park. its a 3-bedroom condo with tons of room at $700/month w garage space and utilities that include cable/internet/elec/gas/etc. comes to roughly $100 a month. if you arent a faggot and might be interested drop me a pm or post up. ghetto d just moved out :frowning: so jaha and devil x need a new roommate. if youre not a complete jerk and dont get butt hurt quick you qualify for the spot. thanks.

another plus is we do frequently have game nights and poker nights. pretty much a bachelor pad and many people from socal have been here. there is also a full workout set up with about $2500 in gym equipment from available for use.

I didn’t know you worked out.


How are you doing wat- son? :wink:

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sup lady. hows the kid and man doing? happy holidays!

What city is it in?

Damn, this is perfect! If only I had a job. That’s my main problem.

Nobody fucking cares, gets out of this thread.

shup up toki

spot is legit. chill ass place to be. plus your close to the montebello town center.

papa watts is that dude

Nuts to butts?

so $100 is the share in the rent?

lol? take it your reading comprehension isnt too good eh :frowning: $700 rent/month - ulilities $100/month roughly

ok so $800 total. i mistook it as $700 altogether so the share would be $100. yea, i’m a retard

room still available for rent. need someone thats not a douche to fill it asap.

watson, i’d hit you up if i was still living in L.A. but my job has me down here in San diego now. sorry bro. to others, doesn’t seem like a bad deal to be honst if 100 bills is all ur using for utilities.

seems a little high for monterey park, the place better be awesome. I’m not moving out anytime soon myself but I’m spreading the word around for ya

appreciate it. its not like a mansion or anything, but there is a punching bag, speed bag, full cage for squats, benching, lat pull downs, etc… full use of living room with 2 tvs for xbox/ps3/ps2 whatever, and garage space.

Garage space meaning permanent parking?

garage space meaning you have a garage, that is attached to the home, that is used to park a vehicle in, that is being rented along with the room, the restroom, the gym, the washer/dryer, the living room, etc.