Rope cancel air dash?

I was in training room and was just messing about with my Akuma/taskmaster/zero team. while i was testing out that rope cancel into arrows while jumping, I noticed that if you shoot arrows mid way and held them, you gain a lot of momentum and can do full screen air dash sorta. Not sure if this is useful at all.

From what I tested H arrows seem to be the fastest but the arrows did not hit when done at full screen. This will get you the closest. Can do some cross up and get behind opponents at mid sreen. Can you can combo if the arrows hit but it has very strict timing.

M arrows looked slower but the arrows hit the opponent and allowed me to combo fully.On block it looked like it left me at a safe distance. At mid screen if you shoot the arrows while swinging over the other player, it will auto turn and dash back. could use it to bait attacks maybe :slight_smile:

L arrows seem useful for big characters. Can dash in and allow the arrows to hit on smaller characters but it requires you to web swing low.

Im no pro taskmaster but if any pro taskmaster players can test this out see if it is worth putting it in taskmaster gameplay. :slight_smile:

yeah they call this an advanced tactic in the New Testament. Using the arrow canceling to increase Tasks mobility is definitely something that you can make use out of. Outside of mobility I would say it’s other best use is to cancel a blocked swing to prevent it from being air thrown.

All I know is the shit is boss. Lol.