RopeDrink's Funny / Fun Moment Compilation



Hey folks, I’ve seen a few depressing threads lately, such as people wondering if anyone even plays our cuddly Boxer anymore :frowning: I think it’s time to TRY and bring a smile to Balrog’s face.

Just uploaded my 25th Funny / Fun Moment Vid to YouTube, all very short, all fun orientated, all Balrog - From perfects to shinanigans to clutch moments to just plain “WTF was that shit?”

I’d post in the Vid thread but there’s just way too many so for the sake of giving this thread individuality, what was your defining Funny / Fun moment with Rogster? Got a vid? Post it! If not, type it :slight_smile:

Hope people like them. If you do don’t be shy, feel free to thumb up or subscribe, I upload stuff like this almost every week - I never ever get bored with Balrog :slight_smile:

#32 - Perfect & L3 FA Dash Ultra Trick

#31 - Balrog Doesn’t Like Cammy!

#30 - My Fists Have Your NUTS On Them!

#29 - (Oni) - Balrog Comeback

#28 - (Bison / Cammy) - Angry Balrog Combo’s

#27 - (Vega) - Fatal Error!

#26 - (Akuma) Raging Demon Buffalo

#25 - (Evil Ryu) CJab saves the day…


#23 - (Gouken) Trying to look classy #2

#22 - (Gouken) Trying to look classy #1

#21 - (Dhalsim) Yoooogaaaa CATASTANOOO ESCAAAAPE!

#20 - (Akuma) Raging Demon Buffalo x2 o_O

#19 - (Ken) 20 Hits - DAT SCALING!

#18 - (Honda) Shove Your Taunt Up Your Arsehole

#17/16/15 - Abel Fail / SUPER RESET / Zangief Fail

#14 - (Blanka) Lightning Buffalo

#13 - (Akuma) Trying to look classy again…

#12 - (Ken) Overhead Headbutt Headbutt Overhead Mixup

#11 - (Bison) Bison Is NOT IMPRESSED

#10 - (Guile) Sonic Boom THIS You Twat…

#09 - (Ken) Yes, Block High


#07 - (Chun Li) AA TAP FTW

#06 - (Chun Li) She’s So Annoying…

#05 - (Gouken) DAMNIT, Let Me Overhead FFS

#04 - (Gouken) Ok, FOCUS

#03 - (Gouken) AA TAP FTW

#02 - (Ryu) OH Spam (NOTE: This video has sound echo)

#01 - (Ryu) Focus Spam (NOTE: This video has sound echo)


(Typically Vanilla, these are longer mish-mashes of fun moments, mixups, shinanigans or WTF moments)

Bi-Weekly Balrog Ate My Hampster Followup:

Angry Balrog Doesn’t Like Sakura:

Extreme Double Epic Fail


Angry Balrog Is Fun!

2012 AE PC -- Recommending Competition

God, this is hilarious! You make me realize how terrible of a Rog I am, I respect my opponents too much and play too much footsies. I should really incorporate more gimmicky mixups ._. …


Is that sarcasm? Bare in mind I play on GFWL on PC where the skill level is very sub-par allowing me to get away with being a noob, myself. But, realistically, I do know most of what I’m doing and it’s all mostly intentional, as good or bad as that may make it out to be. Either way, the videos are purely for fun, I do not deem any of them ‘skilled’ in any way whatsoever, I’m just trying to give a little fun to the forums, even if it’ll end up at my own expense :stuck_out_tongue:


No sarcasm intended lol, what made you think I was? I really like your style, it’s dirty, just like how Rog should be! I try too much to be cautious, avoiding to do risky unsafe pressure (a.k.a avoid getting shoryuken’d) and my pace is much slower than yours. Not saying that you’re a top player or anything but I really like your style.


Sorry the -.-… threw me off a bit :slight_smile:

Ironically I disagree - Even though I play him like a lunatic, his strength in SF4 always has and likely always will be his footsie game. We all know Balrog has barely any mixups but the people I spar with have commented that I play Balrog as if he’s a mixup character with the amount of weird things I throw out there - This actually makes it more fun especially when Balrog is regarded as so ‘boring’ or ‘linear’ by a lot of non-Rog’s.


Well yeah, you’re right. Balrog’s strength lies in his footsie game. But I find myself respecting my opponents too much, giving them space to breathe :(. I really want to play a more mixup oriented Rog but I often seem to mess up or at least get mashed out of my continuous pressure, so I’ll have to work on that. You greatly inspire me to play this game regularly again and work on my mixup game further.

Also, I get that you’ve seen Javit’s post on the Balrog balance change thread, right? Would you mind tweaking Rog a bit with the ideas he shot out just to see how’d he be? I don’t have AE on PC (and don’t have the money to buy it) and am very curious. There’s that program called Ono!, a moveset editor made by dantarion and I can’t help but wonder how a more mixup oriented ST Rog in AE would be.


I admit it, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Do you mean you’re still playing SF4 PC (Vanilla) and you want a sort of Mod to show you what Balrog is like in AE?

Or just my personal opinion? I’m confused ^^

" I find myself respecting my opponents too much, giving them space to breathe :(. I really want to play a more mixup oriented Rog but I often seem to mess up or at least get mashed out of my continuous pressure"

Check the 2nd video in the list vs Evil Ryu - I knew he’d go for an SRK for that chip damage finish and baited it out with a cancel backdash - There are ways to continue pressure AND abuse mashers. In my mind, playing reserved / defensive is REQUIRED in some matchups but ultimately, most characters have a way to abuse this, so I don’t hang back - It’s funny how being in someones face 24/7 makes you see less fireballs, right? Sometimes a blocked jumpin into double jab blockstring then a pause will see them lob out an SRK or something unsafe for you to abuse, heavily. A Rog who walks forward is very scary - I notice a lot of new Balrog’s who sit downback for the majority of the match - It’s the ones who give up their charge who are more dangerous.

I’ve walked up to people and just walked backwards - They go for a throw or a tech which you can punish, thinking that was what you were actually going to do (Throw) for example. Sometimes I’ll jumpin then follow that blocked jumpin with a neutral jump, people can be caught off by the silliest of things. Just mess around with him.

At the end of the day, as much as there is a general agree’d apon ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way, you must always figure out ‘your’ way. Balrog is a footsie monster but you rarely see me resort to it - It’s just my way, and it’s fun. Practice, practice, experiment.


I’m sorry for not being clear. I have only AE on PS3, not PC. The changes I was referring to is this. I am just very curious, so if you don’t wanna do it, don’t feel forced to.

Thanks for the advice also. I used to play a more offensive Rog until I dropped the game and picked it back up in SSFIV. Unfortunately, my gameplan never was as solid ever since. I’ll work on it, you’re a great source of inspiration!


Well I posted this as a jokey thread hoping it’d maybe give a giggle at the very least. I know they’re not hilarious or anything, just a bunch of ‘fun’ moments, so if it actually inspired someone, well… Then I’m even happier :slight_smile:

As for that thread, it seems I have actually posted in there, though I don’t think I’d have the time to tweak or make anything of it other than just posting my 2cents :confused:


Oh don’t worry, they are very funny moments. I’ve watched the whole thing several times for good laughs haha. But very inspiring nonetheless.
About that moveset change, no sweat, it’s cool. I’ll get around to buy a copy of PC AE some day and try it out! I appreciate the thought anyway ;).


The only real noticeable change you will experience is the long recovery on headbutt whiffs, thats about it. The standing Jab nerf will also hit you in some matchups but I’ve not missed that as much as the Headbutt issue. You are still capable of pretty much everything else you could do in Vanilla bar a few minor things so it’s not a major transition. AR is a more rushdown based game compared to Vanilla though so it’d be a good time to work on your shinanigans.

If anything, the Headbutt issue has helped me stop throwing out Headbutts needlessly as it was a lot safer than it is now but I still use things like crossover headbutts and so on - All still possible even with the delay, just a little riskier.


Added some older stuff from my vintage collection.


(Typically Vanilla, these are longer mish-mashes of fun moments, mixups, shinanigans or WTF moments)

Bi-Weekly Balrog Ate My Hampster Followup:

Rage Quits & Disconnects:

Angry Balrog Doesn’t Like Sakura:

Extreme Double Epic Fail


Angry Balrog Is Fun!

6mins of Balrog Funsies


Come on folks, this isn’t just about my own movies.

I’d love to see videos of your fun moments, whatever they may be, or anyone elses vids for that matter. The other Boxer vid thread is generally for awesome play/matches, usually from pro’s like Maeda - What about us casuals?


Another one for the collection. Was being torn apart by this Vega as I’m rusty as hell (Don’t really play SF4 all that much) and he happened to be A ranked… So it’s suprising how he made this fatal error :wink:

Secondly I’ve never been good with auto-correct Ultra’s but poor Oni ate one fishing for that stupid crossup move ultra setup. Quite happy with that.



And another one… I ended up deleting the majority of my old “Angry Balrog” series but decided to make a new one seeing as I started bothering to try out 1F links against this guy who was learning the game.



Unfortunately I can’t show the video since I don’t have a camera but I’ll tell the story.

A few weeks ago I was playing a friend of mine in Street Fighter because he kept saying that he can demolish my Balrog with his Seth so I decide to take him up on his offer. Later that day we start playing a FT5 set. I win 4 and he wins 4. We get to the final match and I win the first round with a little over half health left and he perfects me the second round. Now right when the third round starts, my controller goes out. He doesn’t know this and keeps beating me up until I literally have .1% of health left. I get my controller to start back up when he got me dizzied and he decides to taunt me. Big mistake. Right after his taunt he throws a SB and I ultra him. I jump in, and combo a BnB into super. Then to mess with him I focus and back dash and he falls for it by mashing out ultra. Then I just throw him and the games over.


Haven’t been playing SF4 all that much, wanted to quit but I find that anytime I watch a match on YouTube I get an urge to play. So, played a set with a random unknown which ended up going about 30 games - Along the way this was one of the more memorable moments. It’s nothing fantastic or epic (I’m playing like a scrub because the guy was extremely abusive and scary when he had me cornered) but managed to claw out a funky comeback - Just glad I didn’t FA TAP Ultra like I usually do as it allowed me to finish as above :stuck_out_tongue:



You should post some sets. One minute clips and compilations are fun, but get kinda old after a while.


Sets from me wouldn’t be that interesting - I only really play with people i’ve played with since Vanilla so we either never take it seriously, or it’s just a lolfest. If I play random unknowns there’s very rarely a middle ground, either I destroy them or I’m being destroyed (rarer, admittedly).

Last proper matches I uploaded was casual fun with my mate Nake Gemeni many many many months ago who plays a nice Gouken - Round starts off scrubby and we’re both just throwing all kinds of garbage but you’ll see the occasional moment of half-decency I think.


Another reason I don’t upload them often is because SF4 movies typically have the lowest view-count of all my game movies, so I don’t see why I should upload serious games when I can make some fun snips.

Point taken though, it’s been ages since I’ve uploaded a set.

I’m just an average midlevel guy, I know the basics but I suck in ‘proper’ matches - It’s only my antics that really get me anywhere so I just make fun snips.


I have to say that Oni comeback was beautiful, absolutely beautiful.