Rose 3 frame safe jump

Idk if this has been discovered or if its even done right. i was playing in training mode and discovered this … [media=youtube]3NpY_VLHsa4[/media] safe jumping ryu’s dp.

It doesn’t even look like the jhp goes active. For it to be a safe jump it has to force a block. And since if he just blocked, the j.hp would simply probably whiff, you will be in big trouble for a punish

AHH i see ,kk

Rose does have a 3f safe jump off a counter hit sweep tho

ok,so can you explain to me what i did wrong here?

you perform a safe jump:
if the opponent BLOCKS your attack
if the opponent tries to reversal your jumping attack, YOU block.
performing a safe jump also allows you to Option select.

if your jumping attack WHIFFS on the opponent during his wakes up, it is not a safe jump (note we are talking about landing in front of the opponent, no cross up) What Rose is trying to say, it’s that even if you end up by blocking Ryu’s DP, in no case you would be able to land your j.HP on him because during his wake up it would simply whiff. Also, if you end up by inputting your option select (either it is sweep, ex spiral or ultra), your whiffed attack would make the option select come out. If the opponent only blocked on his wake up, you will get punished big time

Not exactly. You have 4 frames of landing recovery where you cannot do attacks. So if your opponent’s move hits during that time and you’re hitting back, your move won’t come out and you will block if you’re holding back. This is really useful against Cammy and Sagat, for example, if you can get the input right.

Test it by making them block instead of DP.

that’s not a safe jump if you don’t block the reversal + your move needs to hit the opponent (block or hit). In this video, Rose’s j.HP isn’t hitting the opponent. If the opponent was blocking you would see Rose whiff her attack on him