Rose Advanced Tips and Tricks

Not a lot of activity going on here, so I thought I’d start a topic about Rose’s lesser known tricks. Some are pretty gimmicky, but some can definitely shore up your game.

Sliding Under Fireballs

We all know slide is capable of sliding under fireballs, but I rarely see anyone do it since the timing is “strict”. This isn’t necessarily true; with practice, you can easily slide under a shoto’s fireball consistently (at least 80% of the time).

This helps in some matchups more than others. Seth and Dhalsim’s fireballs can be slid under with ease, which helps immensely since reflecting them is unsafe at times. On the other hand, Guile and DJ’s projectiles are nearly impossible to slide under.

The faster the fireball is, the easier it is to slide under since it’ll have less active frames above you (Ie. Ryu’s super is much easier to slide under than a normal fireball). On the other hand, slower balls can be reacted to with ease (Ie. Dhalsim). And, obviously, the higher the fireball is, the easier it is to slide under (Sakura’s fireballs cannot be slid under because of this).

Double Cross-Up in the Corner

Sako trick. Rose’s in the corner can cross up, but she’ll end up on the front side the same jump. This makes it a bitch to block and is practically unblockable unless your opponent has seen it before (even then it’s really ambiguous). After the you can go to cr.lp, cr.lp,,, ex.spiral. Not much damage, but still.

H. Fireball Frametraps

Nice little Jiban trick. In the corner, jump in with j.HP, cr.HP, H. Soul Spark. H. Soul Spark is +2/+6, so it makes a pretty slick frametrap, especially if your opponent has poor reactions/ is conditioned to block the same string with L. Soul Spark.

Character Specific OS’s

Against Viper - HP Reflect beats Ex.Seismo and any Burn Kick and launches for free Super/Soul Throw. Still gets beat by Thunder Knuckle though.

Against Rufus - Slide goes right under Ex.Messiah.

I’ll add more stuff as I find it. Feel free to add input, I’ll edit it in as we go.


Sliding under fireballs is SO DAMN HARD FOR ME. I think it’s mainly just an eye thing, considering I slide too soon assuming my head will just reach the end of the fireball or too fast that my recovery eats the fireball, then not recognizing the speed of the fireball, etc. It’s very ballsy to slide under a Ryu super, but Im sure with a little training in the lab you can pull it off at ease.

It’s a lot easier if you actually hit the enemy, the hitstun will give you a few extra frames

Is Rose High Reflect a good AA? I saw louffy doing a AA High Reflekt into Soul Throw.
A good trick is the U2 Soul Throw Cross Up, u can do this with her low fireball too.

Edit: I tested her high reflect and u have to do it early so u can use her outstanding hitbox. the oponent must be above u, half screen jump in. on trade it works fine with ex soul throw. have to test it more.

So does that mean a meaty slide will go under a wakeup ex messiah?

Yes, use it all the time.

Oh wow that’s awesome, gonna help me with that match so much. Thanks!

I’ll be adding a couple of my tricks/set ups in the near future.

i’d rather meaty (same effect, wakeup ex messiah goes over Rose). becuase if you slide on block you are at - counter hit, confirm it into, spiral

the same for Viper. it force whiff EVERYTHING if they wakeup reversal (then punish). you have enough time to block if they wakeup ex seismo.

and if the ex messiah goes over, you can punish with u1 every time.

It depends on how meaty you make the slide. I think most of us know if you space the slide perfectly you get +1 on block and +4 on hit. Spacing does the same thing as meaty as far as frame advantage goes.

The downside of course is to get that meaty slide it’s more telegraphed than the cr.forward.

good stuff, sweep works too right?

I think you need to understand what Option selects are because none of those mentioned under the character specific option selects in the first post are actual option selects.


yeah those aren’t option selects >.>

Those are suggestions that do work, however ;).

Be careful about doing on wake up on viper vs ex seismo, as she can cancel the recovery and throw you. I’m starting to use meaty slides on wake up, seems to work ok. Also goes over all seismos(even u1).

Wow thanks for that. I did not know that at all

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Can anyone give me some frame trap tips?

Im probably already doing them unknowingly, but would like some clarification.