Rose and cross counter setups

can you combo into the rose?and what r some good combos to do to setup a cross counter?

I would avoid using cross counter. Much more dangerous than a parry and not as good all around, since you must take damage.

Any setup for cross-counter involves doing cross-counter when you think he will hit high. Funnily enough this is also a great time to parry.

If you want to get good with Dudley, try to parry and not cross counter. Cross-counter will get you fucked up.

If you’re fighting scrubs though you can use cross-counter anytime you would normally parry --> counter. For example, jump-ins, after jumping in yourself and doing some attacks, etc etc.

But again that’s for fucking around with mallscrubs. Do that against anyone decent and you’ll more likely as not get fucked the hell up by a low attack into something nasty, like a super.

No you can’t combo into rose. It’s not like Q’s taunt. Do a rose after you’ve supered someone or when they are not tech-rolling off a non-super knockdown.

if you want some fun, EX Cross Counter supers with a pause between one hit and the next.

e.g., Makoto’s Abare Tosanami (SA2)

block the first 3 hits, then EX Cross Counter the uppercut. pretty nutty damage :lol:.

only other super you can Cross Counter blocking is Yun’s You Hou (SA1).

the other supers you have to parry midway in order to Cross Counter the final hit.

here’s a list:

  1. Chun-Li’s Houyoukusen (SA2)
  2. Hugo’s Hammer Frenzy (SA3)
  3. Urien’s Tyrant Slaughter (SA1)
  4. Ken’s Shippu Jinrai Kyaku (SA3)
  5. Q’s Critical Combo & Deadly Double (SAs 1 & 2)
  6. Elena’s Brave Dance (SA2)

i might’ve left out a few, but yeah, it’s not practical or smart to try stuff like that when you’ve got something on the line. but for screwing around, it’s fun :lol:.


If you can blue parry the last hit of chun’s SAII, why can’t you reversal special it?

i’m not totally sure on Houyoukusen. i’ve tried to CC it, but i get hit. i’ll see if i can bust that out sooner :lol:. gonna test again. but it costs me 50 cents per :shake:.


Q’s uhh, sa2 iirc will fuck you up if you CC it.

edit: I play on a jpnse board, wtvr the capture sa is, the 2nd hit knocks you up anyways.

mig :clap:


c’mon, Yellow. it’s just for fun.


You -can- reversal special last hit of Chun’s super. However, it doesn’t do shit… except make you take double damage. Ouch… I imagine if it was on the beta with the glicthy last kick it would almost kill you instantly. Crazy.

Supers work though. :slight_smile:

i use cross counter on amature yun …that dives on my forehead .

dudley VS dudley , cross counter is a need

no its not a need. dudley vs dudley- walk around play footsies. s.rh/f+fp jump somtimes ex mgb combos. ex dp is pretty good in this match too.

Yeah, I’ve hardly seen CCs in a serious Dudley mirror match. The only good dud v dud vids I have come from STFChina, and it consisted of a lot of throws, ex mgbs to the corner, then 50/50. They were both really good Dudleys. One was Fuji, if I’m not mistaken.

If you cross-counter chun’s SAII (the beginning), you fly through her, take small hit, and she keeps going… you get free jump-in combo. Only if you do LP or MP cross-counter though…

If you EX cross counter the last hit (by parrying the previous ones) it does 50%. Do it twice and she will have exactly no life left. I imagine with her glicthy super it would kill her outright (if you didn’t die first).

EX cross counter against Q’s SAIII qcf+P will result in Dudley losing like 75% life and Q getting away cleanly.

You could prolly fit in cross counter between dudley’s uppercuts during rocket SA. I Gigas him and do mp>hp with ken, so I don’t see why not.

I’ve got a question about the rose:

I threw the Rose against my opponent the other day, and he air-parried it (he was jumping in). After Parry, he went to kick me in the face, but the Rose pedals “auto-blocked” it or something? All I know is that I heard a weird hit noise, and Ken froze in the air for a sec. It essentially saved me… what’s going on here?

yea… you can normal hit the rose if you wanted to, even after its parried… but i dont think you can hit it more than once…so the rose took the hit for you pretty much

Ya its like Sean’s bball, after the opponent parries it, it can still be hit by Sean himself.

speaking of sean’s ball, one time i was playing this scrub who was using ryu, i threw the ball and he did the super shin-shoryuken to the ball. (he did the upper cut to the ball). Also i was playing this same person with Dudley and i did LP cross counter and he was nearby but not right next to me, he did shin-shoryuken (the version that looks like a multi-hitting regular shoryuken) and dudley did the CC and went through the super.

Also, i forgot something about CC, i know it does double damage to you, but i forgot how much it does to them, is it 3 times the damage you received?

I was under the impression it did a fixed amount of damage. O_O

And XD @ CCing the last hit of Makoto’s SA2.

cc deals UP TO 3x dmg back to them… in my opinion its not worth it… only if you can be sure that theyre going to attack you high and it would be the winning attack… but other wise you should invest in learning out to parry better… using it during the game is stupid cuz youre taking unnecessary dmg…

if you corner a dudley thats using corkscrew, mind game the fuck out of him and rush him a few times, then get ready to ex cc his sa3 (on corner wakeup), that is one of the best setups imo in a dud vs dud match.

fun way to beat a ken scrub with CC… especially in such a big tourny as T5 lol