Rose-ball sfxt style!

yes its back! by doing a slow projectile and then tagging asap you have time to tag in a partner with a reflect special and let the fun begin!

ive successfully done it with guile doing lp sonic boom, tag in Xiaoyu rain dance stance,lk.
Ogre works too.(lk blazing kick.)

which characters has reflect moves more than ogre,bob,heihachi and xiaoyu?

:eek: Oh, look, four reflect characters.

Guess it’s time for

wait for it


but nobody with a projectile has a reflect =(

If only if SFxT was a team game…

I was talking about scramble mode…

:eek: DAMN!

Didn’t think that far ahead. >_>

Scramble Mode Rose Ball

-Each team consists of one (1) projectile character and one (1) reflector character
-Both teams must be on opposite sides of the screen
-The projectile character is responsible to firing at the other team while the reflector character is responsible for defense. The reflector character cannot block
-The game is won when time runs out or one team loses all their life