Rose broken jump



This setup works on all characters and is safe even against 3 frames dp made by normal excecution or autocorrect. I made many variations that I’ll upload soon.You can choose where to land(front or behind) depending on when you press the hits(I don’t know why yet) Give some time to perfect it.


Capcom made a balance patch.
Capcom failed balance patch with accidents.
Capcom will make another patch to “fix” their accidents.
This video is posted in general instead of Rose section.
2nd post in 2 years.
Incoming Rose nerf.
I see what you did there bro.


To me it looked like he missed his safe jump in the recording and then just walked into the orbs with Fei. Well done! Kreygasm.


The only input he had before rose jumped was back and then there was no other input after that. Fei could have also dp’ed the lk since the orb didn’t hit yet.