Rose High Level Tournament Play?



Hey, just wondering if anyone’s seen some pro Rose play at any tournements or videos online…

I’ve seen most of the stuff listed in the combos threads and stuff, but I heard there were a few Rose players who did well at Evo and wanted to see if anyone has links or whatever.

She’s a dynamic character with a fair bit of bread to butter, I hope to see her get more face time at the pro level… anyone else with me?


I am definitely all for seeing Rose shine in higher level play. There are some very good Rose players around, but it seems it will take some serious skill and time before we really start seeing Rose at the top.


Not that im a pro or anything, but I had some vids of pool play. Unfortunately SRK isnt allowing them to be put up.


Saqs, i have watched a few of your vids. Good stuff. Ive learned a lot from those.


If there are not from the big screen, they can be shared.


Is there any Japanese Rose on nico or something? I haven’t seen any vids of her from over there, now that I think about it…but I haven’t been looking much.

Yes, there are good Rose players. None placing in majors though. Same for all the console characters really, except Seth.


the situation is: either top players have stuck with their guns, being arcade characters, or they see some apparent weakness/detriment to using/switching over to the console characters.
So yeah it’ll basically come down to new challengers bringing out their console character skills, and/or the majority of the community being proven wrong about their mindset of console character weakness.

I say once Japan gets a revised SF4 arcade cab with the new characters, perceptions might change. Seems like El Fuerte’s getting some more use over there; at least from what I saw on the TGN stream. So people come around.


console chars are mostly underpowered. Some are close to arcade ones, but it seems CAPCOM devs were quite conservative about giving them the same status.

this is very clear with Rose. Her lacks of reversal and damaging combos; the nerfed specials, the low stamina… it seems she was close to be at the same level as arcade chars, but CAPCOM decided the opposite.

i guess when console chars are not console chars anymore, and they are included in arcades, then we will see their truly potential.

fixing Rose is easy: give her a reliable reversal (more EX SSpiral invencibility frames would do the job) and a pair of new combos (reflect into soul throw would be cool!); thats all she need.

of course, i would love to be able to combo Fierce Reflect into Ultra (hey, Abel can combo ultra after that ridiculous cr HP for a insane damage, why Rose not???), but thats asking for too much, you CAPCOM bastards…


thats exactly what i want if they rework rose lol.

Reflect to ST/Ultra
A normal reversal.


I don’t even care about reflect to ST/Ultra.

Just give me an overhead to work with so I can apply pressure.

Throwing just doesn’t work out anymore.


just give me a Commando assist


I guess this doesn’t count as tourney level play. But Sanford does have a nice Rose.


Eh, this video is better 'cause he had to play harder. The other guy was just doing random ultras and getting hit with Rose 2-in-1s over and over. Nothing too special there.

In the vid vs. Flash, he throws the shit out of him in the corner…which ends up baiting a move, which he ultras. Awesome.


ugh, although there is some interesting tricks there (the bait into ultra is nice, though it can be done with other chars also), the poking game is lacking a LOT.

it is clear that Sanford doesnt main Rose, but because he is a great player he is still able to do nice tricks.

a good Rose player knows about her poking game, zoning, and footsies. Also, how to scape from corners (she barely can do it, but you cant let your opponent to mope the floor with you like Sanford did here).

anyways, it was just an exhibition, nothing competitive there.


Woah woah woah, wtf is happening at 0:23 in that video? The Soul Throw trades with the fireball and the throw animation is played on Akuma anyway, despite Rose being knocked to the ground?! I didn’t know that could happen.


is anybody going? i’ll be there along with east (beast) coast and curly mustaches.


nah I’m west coast. The North West Majors is coming up this saturday, but I’m really not dedicated enough yet to attend this tournament, being 4 hours away along with what would be my first tournament. As much as I’d like to go and rep Rose, and advance off of people’s ignorance, it’s just not feasible. Good luck on your end though.