:annoy: What the hell am I supposed to do here.
#1 Can’t be lame because of “Reflect”.
#2 Slide, xx HaaaaAAAAAA seems to just be free pressure against DeeJay.

These two things I can not find a work around for at all. I lose to every single patient rose there is.

Can anyone shine light on how to treat this matchup? :lame::blah::pray:


Haha. Yeah the more the match turns into a zoning/footsie game the more I seem to lose…

…Focus that slide…You know it’s coming. If you shut that junk down early they think twice about doing it later. That gives you room for Slashers up close and knee shot. If a good Rose feels uncomfortable they’ll backdash…I just rely on good reads for backdashers…I’m not even sure DeeJay has an option select for her backdash. If U2 is giving you a prob, just meaty it or be patient wait it out. Even if they throw you its less damage you woulve taken getting hit by the orbs into combo.

Rose is so free…on her back. Even worse if she’s in the corner…nowhere to run.


theres no time in between the slide and a focus attack to get a crumple off of it. if you land a lvl 1 focus, im pretty sure she can xx haaaaAAAA you because of the focus recovery. even if you focus it and backdash, doesnt that just put you in the same situation again?


Nah you just have to time it to get counter hit or a level two. Timing is the key. Even if they do manage to escape, they’ll think twice about using it because of the risk.


lol I was having this exact mental debate yesterday after fighting a few good roses. I agree with Thunda… focus seems to be the key. None of Dee Jay’s pokes compare to Rose’s


I will deploy this tactic next time.


St hk between her pokes works a little for me. Can rose punish Sobat kicks without meter?
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She can punish poorly spaced sobats with cr. mp, although she has a lot of difficulty cancelling that into specials at the range you’ll leave her with sobats, so you’re looking at punishes of about 60 damage each time. Properly spaced sobats of all kinds are safe. The main problem here though is that she won’t be blocking them, she’ll usually be beating them with her slide, so extended sobat pressure isn’t recommended in my opinion.


So Mix it with lk and mk sobats? I wonder if she’d be able to option select if you backdash afterwards or maybe you can bait the slide for a ex mgu?


When I fight a good Rose… we turtle together. I try to stay in ex sobat kick range, so I can control the fireball war. It’s harder to get in that range in AE because DJ slide is so much shorter.


Something that I had to learn in the Rose matchup is that she has a good AA in crouch fierce ;_;

But what I like to do is stand at a range where she wants to slide or and whiff punish with lk Sobat or What’s silly to me though is the amount of Roses that don’t take advantage of her other pokes. S.RH,, Stand mk (which goes over DeeJay’s They seem content with sliding all the time or drill.

I don’t know if anyone’s mentioning this, but the key to being successful against Rose pressure strings is to brush up on frame data and not get too antzy when she’s pressuring you. Rose can’t exactly bop you for a 500 Damage combo, but she’ll do a decent ish combo that puts you on your back. But if you can recognize when she didn’t properly space a drill, you can punish it rather easily. LK Drill is -8 on block, so if it’s blocked at a range where it’s unsafe (assuming they don’t FADC and backdash) you can get a free c.mpxx EX MGU. If they DO have 2 meters and you block a LK drill at said bad range, you can easily react to it by EX Sobatting.


I just thought of something else whilst reading this. Do you think DeeJay’s OS >j mk,sweep< would catch Rose’s backdash? it works on characters like Dudley and Cody whose backdashes don’t bring them very far, but I haven’t checked against characters like Rose or Ibuki yet.

It’s not worth trying if they have meter though, their EX reversals will make it free all day.


No, but you can os Ibuki with a


Keep in mind to save meter for ex as to counter rose u2!

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her to spiral is not a true blockstring so you can reversal it in between, try to stay out of slide range since its easier to punish on wiff than on block, you get free chip/punish after a blocked spiral with mk sobat, oh and if she goes for level 3 focus attack when she has her u2 up remember it isnt unblockable, unless she only has 1 orb. hope i helped , sorry for broken english


Really? That’s a big help, I’ve gotta try that.


yeah , unless its at max possible range, but if she does it in mindlessly go for an ex mgu and you should get free damage,


Except no decent Rose will use LK Spiral ever. Rose will only use max-ranged MK/HK Spiral for blockstrings. Anything else is punishable. If she hits deep, just cr. LP into whatever followup you have. That’s the most reliable punish if you don’t have charge. Frame data says Flash Kicks should work as well but don’t take my word for it because I don’t play Deejay.

Rose’s slide is only ever safe if spaced at max-range. Blocked deep slide is punishable (again, cr. LP into followup is the most reliable punish) and a hit deep slide leaves her too negative to follow up safely though she can throw you out of your normals thanks to her incredible grab range. If Rose is entering slide range, don’t just sit on charge and take it. Adjust your spacing and move out of her range. I’m sure you can sweep it on whiff. Once you establish that she can’t slide in on you for free, she’ll be forced to try and jump in on you (risky) or play footsies (which she can do quite well).

Rose has no good reversal so don’t respect her wakeup. Abuse knee drop because it’ll fuck up her cr. HP timing and can hit her if she guesses a crossup and tries to slide under you. At the same time, don’t fuck up your non-crossup safe jumps because she can EX Soul Throw you right out of them. 160 damage and knockdown plus safe-jump. Not a good look.

A good Rose won’t activate U2 unless she knocks you down and has you at mixup range. Pay attention to where her orbs are and tech appropriately. Watch out for her Soul Throw mixup. She can crossup you up or not depending on which version of it she uses and where the orbs are.

Some (stupid) Roses will get desperate and activate it as a way to get in though. Keep in mind her U2 orbs are projectiles. You can snuff them out with your own or you can throw out a projectile invincible move to hit her safely if she throws out anything punishable (a slide to get in, for example). Jumps are perfectly punishable, of course. Unless you’re going to die in the next hit, any trade while Rose has U2 activated is in your favor.

Hope this helps.


just a note, so far i “kind of” figured this match up out. the key is “trade with slide” this gives you those wake up opportunities you need to start an offense. obviously dont be predictable, but if you suspect slide, and you are even /have the life lead, go for it. (IMO)


yeah that and slide is a goddamn nightmare from her. gotta gain the lead then make her work to get in to us. if they like to string into Soul spiral, just EX sobat through it. if they use u2 from afar, throw an EX Airslash, good chance to destroy an orb or 2.

chipping with sobats, st,mk to try to beat slide or something and keeping pressure on her is the way to go as tough as it is to do that.