Rose Omega Mode - Frame data, combos and tutorial video

I created a video to reflect on the changes in Omega mode for Rose, with a focus on frame data (start-up of every move, hit advantage, block recovery) and useful hit-confirms. It answers what you need to know to play her transitioning from USF4.

Things of note:

Buffed normals
[] cr.lp does 20 damage (30) and has +5 frame advantage (+2). This is very big as it now easily links into (you dont need to go via anymore), and it even allows link into cr.hp for big combos.
] is the same but chain cancellable, so you dont need 1-frame links to combo them into eachother. Even more strange, it is also special cancellable and allows that from chain (in USF4 you can only cancel from a linked normal, and was not cancellable, you needed cr.lp or in between)
[] has +4 frame (+2) advantage. This makes this move actually useful now, it links into It is a good choice if you need more damage then other lights.
] sc.lp: has +5 frame (+2) advantage. This opens up good combos, but damage is down to +20.
[*] has +5 (+4) advantage. That makes it a better normal to link from then and finally gives it a use. Link into cr.hp is real damage.
She is now easy to combo with and has some damaging links. Her moves have more uniqueness and usefulness overall. One should think about standing more to create openings.

Nerfed normals
[] does 60 damage instead of 70
] cr.hp does 80 instead of 100
[] is not a hard knockdown
] does 30 damage (50)
[*] does 60 damage (80)
This seems to tone down her damage a bit now that she can easily link into these from lights and mediums. For the jump attacks, I do not understand. Perhaps they are better?

[] Forward throws does 160 damage (140), but is not a hard knockdown
] Back throw does 160 damage (140), but is not a hard knockdown
She loses setups after throws but gains a bit damage in return. Perhaps the forward throw does allow traps when the opponent quick-rises. To be discovered.


The lvl 1 focus does 90 damage and knocks down. Not sure why.

Buffed specials
[] LK drill: same damage but longer reach, you can even link this from 4 crouching shorts
] MK drill: does 140 damage instead of 100
[] HK drill: does a whopping 180 damage
] EX drill: does 190 damage now, ends up doing damage even after a very long confirm
[] EX Soul Throw: starts off with a 4-frame invincible reversal that juggles up the opponent. Works as AA and versus grounded targets.
] LP/MP/HP reflect: knock back less far allowing juggles with Piede or ST
The drills are not only about range and recovery now, but also damage. Only LK drill should be used as pressure, the others need to be hit-confirmed into.

Nerfed specials
[] The strong drills are no longer safe. MK and HK are -7 and very close to enemy. They do not juggle after ST either.
] Fireball is 70 damage (80)
[*] Reflects do only 50 damage which is a very weak juggle opening
Combo into HK drill is the best option now, which requires a hard normal to have hit first. That is possible thanks to her better links and FADC. Other specials are toned down because they allow more options after them.


[] LP super: 300 damage as before, but allows ST juggle into 460 damage (or drill into 430). Best to combo with from normal.
] MP super: massive 420 damage, no juggles after. Best to juggle with after drill.
[*] HP super: 320 damage, no juggles. Don’t know the use for this.
The super moves are distinct now, allowing you to maximize damage depending on the combo used. The HP version looks redundant. The damage makes it even more strategic to save for super now.

[] EX drill: is no longer a good reversal as it loses invincible frames. This can be killed easily with attacks that have a lot of active frames. Throwable as well.
] EX ST: is a very good reversal at +4, invincible. Very punishable, but may be tricky for some as it moves her over the opponent.

Hit Confirming

Jabbed punches are at +5 so you can easily confirm out of two jabs into a medium or hard and then cancel that one. An alternative is using crouching lights to break high guard, which is now easier to link into (engine-wise, not frame-data wise) or can simply go into LK drill itself for minor damage.
Alternatives are to use as opener and directly go into medium or hard as a combo or frametrap, then end with either fireball (on block, or on hit then FADC) or drill (on hit).
She finally has more to her than either close MK or crouching LP to start off with (she also had setups using and as starter but this was hard to do well).


I think it is a good thing that cr.hp is no longer the move to go to for everything. As it is 80 damage now, the better choice is close HK, a move that had no use before. The trade-off is now simple: if you have time use close HK (+7 startup), otherwise use cr.hp (+5 startup). The latter is a lot easier to do after a FADC then close HK, but it is possible.

New moves

[] Counter: seems like a +3 invincible move, usable as reversal. Needs to bet on high/low like Gouken does. If done well it provides +4 frame advantage but creates some pushback. Go to moves seems to be The EX version has further reach.
] Toward MP: has very long startup (+12?) but provides for at least +5 frame advantage. This is essentially the same as hitting a close MP, as it provides same advantage and position. You can go into big damage from there obviously. Looks a moves that may be useful to frametrap with and perhaps catch backdashes.

Check out the USF4 Rose guide as well:

Let me know how you think this Rose should be played. I fell that she is quite different now, that USF4 Rose can not benefit from these changes except that combos are easier. They are less damaging, you need to go with the new options to use her.
Currently I am better using USF4 rose even in edition select, but learning these new tricks may be very rewarding on the long run

I really like Omega Rose. They made her very similar to how she was in Alpha (but not exact of course).

Response to various bullet points:

  • Normals: I think they gave Rose’s close HK a bigger hitbox since often times it whiffed on a crouching opponent. Also it had some use in normal editions. It could CHC to c.HP on everybody in the cast and linked to c.LP on normal hit (not as cool).

-focus attack lvl 1: I like that it knocks down since if you dashed in afterwards, you’d be at frame disadvantage.

-nerfed normals: I’m glad they toned down her damage output since they increased her ease of use and combo ability. I’m guessing her j.LK does less damage since it actually has pretty good priority against anti-airs. Just yesterday I used it to counter Sagat’s raw U1 and beat it clean. And I’m guessing her j.MK does less damage since it’s such an ambiguous cross-up and can lead into more overall damage in omega mode. I mean Rose’s throw game (range) is still good even when getting away with throws is less likely.

-Nerfed specials:
1: Did you mean spirals don’t juggle after reflects?
3: Didn’t reflects always do 50 damage?

Super: I’m pretty sure I juggled ST after HP super. I know there’s something you can juggle into afterward considering the mediocre damage of the HP super alone.

Lastly, I don’t mean to be so critical, but your video didn’t show the improved range on her slide! :wink: Good video overall.

more stuff I found:

  • her chainable normals are cancelable
  • her f+mp is 11F startup

HP super comes as a EX reflect+super combo. Works even against Ryu’s Super combo, does very good damage. Cannot reflect fireball Ultras though.

An additional buff is that a throw now gives the ~ same amount of meter as an LP reflected fireball. She’s now on meter every time even against non-fireball throwing opponents (Rose on steroids :D).

The biggest damage combo I discovered so far is 852 and is very simple:

HK Soul Spiral, Aura Soul Spark Due, Soul Satellite.

Prerequisites: must be a counter; 7 fireballs must have been absorbed; works in a corner only.

Sadly, despite of all this, I find this version of Rose to be the worst, because her backdash has been nerfed to the point of complete uselesness. EX reflect is a viable reversal only against stupid oponents. There doesn’t seem to be any escape options against even slightly more agressive offence.

Currently I use her only for fun, as she was intended, and only against less skilled opponents.

More stuff:

  • Decapre’s fireball are actually projectiles. So they can be reflected
  • Cody’s bad stone can be reflected by Rose’s HP Super

The patch 1.05 came in and a new move has been added: Soul Bubble (←↓↙+punch). It does a tiny bit of grey dammage, but potentially the best tool for okizeme Rose has. The EX version takes even two EX bars.

also to note: EX Bubble has 3 different versions for 3 different ranges.
Also has 2 types of hitbox:

  • Normal versions on impact do 10 damage. When it explodes, it does 60 damage
  • EX version doesn’t blow up on impact and does 100 damage

Rose Omega Soul Throw doesn’t work or randomly since 1.05 :

are you doing the exact shoryuken motion ? The shorcuts have been been removed in Omega mode.
I will look into that later today

No probleme to do Soul Bubble , but i can’t do a Soul throw correctly.

Not sure if this is something we already know about, but light super combos into Illusion Spark (U1) from all ranges and at any part of the screen.

You’re right , Soul Throw work but it’s very tricky now.
And I did not know that Capcom had made this change … have they announced?

Oh! I should add to this by saying that for whatever reason, soul spiral affects the juggle state in such a way that spiral xx lp super xx u1 does not connect. In practice, this means that the combo must be done with fireball in place of spiral.

An example combo I’ve been doing is:

cl. mk, cr. lp, cr. mp xx lp soul spark xx lp super xx u1

The damage is pretty impressive at 567.

Another simple one is:

cr. hp xx lp soul spark xx lp super xx u1

Damage: 682

If you manage to land cl. hk in place of hp, the damage is 702.

Sorry if this info is redundant but I haven’t seen anything mentioning this possibility thus far (unless I’m just dumb and missed it).

anyone still playing this?

Never even started.