Rose Online Training Session



Rose Online Training Sessions

After skimming through some of the character sub-sections, I noticed that some did have a thread where they conducted online training sessions. There wasn’t one for this section or it was very inactive, so I thought, why not start one? If this becomes a huge success, hopefully we can expand further than just training sessions. If possible, I would like to record the matches and upload them onto the Rose video thread, so other players can critique, if they are not present at these sessions. With sessions like these, hopefully we can all improve our Rose game. If you are a person that is interested in learning Rose, feel free to join as well. If you’re interested, please post here, and let me know when you are available. I would like to arrange a time so that most if not, all could attend.

Note: I have SSFIV for both PS3 and 360 now!

Schedule: Next PSN Training Session will be ?.
Next XBL Training Session will be Friday, January 21st (7 pm EST)

PSN/XBL information here:

Gamertag: sksksksksk222 (Both PSN/XBL)
Availability: Thursdays - Sundays (Noon to midnight)

If you have any ideas as to how we could make the training sessions more efficient, feel free to share them.

Those who are interested:

Mr. Flowers (PS3)
edspegeddd (PS3)
Daaneskjold (PS3)
spiffyg (PS3)
MiikeyBoii (360)
Xrii (PS3)
ssj2jeff (360)
saitsuofleaves (360)
[Jae] (360)
TheFURY215 (PS3)
Juuza (360)
Rose (360)
rellify3 (360)
NEK-romantik (PS3)
~rh (PS3)
Shiawase (PS3)
bboyredcel (PS3)
eujej (PS3)
Spiderbonez (360)
Juanking99 (PS3)
xeedoc (360)
Heavyweight (360)
Keiwai3399 (PS3)
Genistar (PS3)
wolfeagle_847 (360)
BK_Ziggy (360)
SypherX (PS3)
Power_Of_Shamwow (PS3, 360)
Lose-Control (360)
Ayers Nova (PS3, mostly 360)
Legacy_Virus (PS3)
Onikagai (PS3)
LSlick (360)
Purifyweirdsoul (PS3)
KrayzieBone (360)
Aquas (360)
3rdofthe4legends (PS3)


THis is a really good idea. I would have done one for Rose forums if not for this topic by Krazie Bones

I never did receive an invite from his new Rose PSN =(

I 'm doing Team Sakura and just started to help with Team Juri. Both had good XBL going but lacking on the PSN side. Here are my topics:

And the XBL ones:

Since my main PSN got banned I’ve been really slacking with Rose. Its been banned for 1 month till Oct 1st. I was on 6.5k with her and 3100 PP but now I can’t do anything. I’ve been juggling lots of characters lately. Mainly because of the new alts coming out I was put off Rose and started leaning to Juri and Rog. If something like this is happening please please add me. PSN Mr_Flowers_-
I can accept the request 1st of Oct.

My Ideas and things to note

[]Do it one or two days per week.
]Make a chat room for it properly labelled and ensure everyone gets an invite to it.
[]Make a fresh PSN and fill it with only Rose players so they can be invited to the chat.
]Message everyone on your PSN list at least once a week to remind them to join it on the day.
[]Keep first post on this topic updated.
]If you can’t do it anymore don’t just let it die. Pass it on to someone passionate that you trust will keep it going. If necessary they ca make their own new PSN and you can message everyone to add that new host.
[]Add people from the top Rose rankings aswell who may not be on SRK.
]Don’t do too may people in Endless mode. Tournament and Team Battle are best for lots of people.
[]Chat room holds 16 people max. Up to 8 people can be in any lobby on on SSF4 including Replay Channel.
]Don’t only do Rose mirrors. Maybe list people’s alts for match up experience.
[]Do encourage video uploads. People really like this. I saw you mentioned it already. So far I have 3 team sak vids up and I’ll do another one and a team juri vid too this week sometime.
]Tell people to save their replays! So easy to forget.


Thanks, those threads really convinced me to make this thread. I had a feeling a new thread was needed. I’ll definitely add you when the time comes (last time I tried adding you, it said that your friend list was full). I’ll add you to the list. I think I might make a section in my post specific for feedback, so players know what they have to work on (I would take the comments in the video thread, and edit my post with them).

Edit: Thank you for the tips! I will definitely keep those in mind.


I need to partition my main account friend list properly. I’ll make space when I get my account back. Lets hope this picks up. I expected there to be more interest. Maybe our fellow Rose players aren’t so sure this will happen. Maybe you need to put down more solid info/facts or message the people who showed interest in the other thread.
Instead of “I would like” lets have more “I can do” more “I will” and more “What I need from you guys is” etc.


This thread has gotten 67 views, and only 4 (now) responses. I’m not too sure if it’s because people are just not interested, or most play SSFIV on the 360 here in the Rose leaderboards. We need more activity in this thread if we want this to be a success.


Hey guys I’m on the west coast I don’t really have a set schedule when I play just whenever I’m not busy… But mostly active in the evenings after 7. I play a lot of viper Dudley and cammy as well so u guys can learn these matchups if needed

Psn name: speg_HEAD


i am pretty interested :slight_smile: i am not sure if i can make it to fix schedules, but if i get a reminder message and have the time, i will be there

PSN. Daaneskjold


That’s great! I’m glad we are getting more people that are interested now. I’ll add you to the list :).


Sign me up! My playing schedule is pretty sporadic, so I can’t give you a set time. Usually in the evenings.


Sent you a friend request. Got my account back now =)


Great, I’ll add you. We still need more people to sign up for the training sessions, so if you are interested, sign up :).


i would love to, but on xbox :frowning:
guess i’ll wait til you guys do the xbox one :slight_smile:


I would love to participate!


Great! I’ll add you both to the list :).


My Schedule is a bit inconsistent because of my working part time, but i am usually available saturdays and mondays. other days are questionable. =P I main cammy but have been trying to pick up Rose but am having such a hard time because cammy is the only character that clicks with me. So my combo’s with Rose are kinda bare bones ._. (C.Mp xx M.Spiral) X.X


Your Cammy was great! You do well with her combos. Trust me, even though c.MP xx Soul Spiral is very basic, sometimes it does not come out for me >.>. I blame my sloppy execution. It’s like the controller doesn’t even read my QCF motions or something.


I think my execution with cammy is pretty solid its just i have little experience playing with people that i just get too cammy happy and just rush down when i have no business doing it. Yeah i get jittery and the lag. I don’t play much online so any time the connection hiccups i just crash down have no idea what to do then. But i know i just need more experience.

I stayed with her basic combos because i swear i wouldn’t have been able to whip out her other ones, that online lag just makes me want to punch a puppy


so how does this work do you guys do a bunch of rose mirror matches or invite ppl who specialize in other characters. i’ll give it a go. i’m xbox live only “ssj2jeff srk”. send me a friend request


sigh Do I have a choice? It’s either that or accept failure…just have to hope my 360 holds up until I get money for a new one.


At first I thought we could just do Rose mirror matches, but Mr. Flowers brought up a very good point. I don’t want it to just be mirror matches, as I think it would also be very helpful if we all get experience against other characters as well. We could have some use their secondaries, or I could find other players that don’t main Rose, but need help against the Rose match-up (this would help both players out). I’ll add both of you to the list. Saitsu, I think this would greatly help you out :).

Note: I want to start hosting training sessions sometime later this week for PSN players, and next week for XBL players. From there, we can mix it up.