Rose Option Select?

valid tactics but these are no option selects :slight_smile:

An option select is performing an input that can result in at least two different moves. A good option select is where each of those moves does the right thing in the context for which he his triggered.
The easiest to understand is the crouch-tech option-select

  • when the opponent does nothing (or is just too slow) you get a C LK, a move that is fast, in range and combo-able from
  • when the opponent throws you get a throw tech

Another rose option select is wake-up pressure option-select: C LP, C LP+C HK (first do a jab, then press jab and swep together)

  • if the jab hits the opponent (either hit or block), the jab+sweep will be another jab. You can continue from there
  • if the jab whiffs because the opponent backdashed, the jab+sweep becomes a sweep. This has good chances to hit them out of the backdash landing frames. Scoring you another knockdown

Do mind that these are still guesses as there are more contexts the option-select can find itself in, and the outcome can be worse. For example the crouch-tech will lose when frametrapped (opponent left you a gap but hits you faster anyway), the wake-up pressure will liekly lose from reversals

isnt this done by pressing throw and cr. mp? this is what i used at one point and it works just like you described. cr. lk sounds much more complicated…

i stopped using this because i throw a little more than average anyway and using this got me into trouble more often than did me good. but i did bust it out on a ryu who liked to hit confirm jab jab with throw the other day…

The Crouch-tech option-select Acku is referring to is:

LP+LK (throw/tech) while crouched. (so brain-dead easy to do)

It is available because the SF4 engine do not allow you to throw while crouching, hence the coming out. ( input gets priority over cr.lp input fyi)

cr LP+LK+MP is if you want to come out instead of

weird i crouch tech often but i guess ive never been in a situation for cr. lk to come out, either im getting rushed with attacks or theyre trying to throw me so ive never noticed it’ll come out due to not being able to throw while crouching? thats so random i never knew that. i know light kicks have priority over light punches and so forth but i guess i never put two and two together.

Any new OS for Rose?

Here’s an optimized OS for punishing backdashes - cr.LP, cr.LK + cr.MK xx LK/EX Soul Spiral. The execution is a bit tricky but it’s absolutely worth the 170/190 damage.

Use LK Soul Spiral on Adon, El Fuerte, Zangief, Rolento, Juri, Akuma, Gouken, Honda, Ken, Ryu, and Abel.
Use EX Soul Spiral on Cammy, C. Viper, M. Bison, Sakura, Evil Ryu, Poison, Dee Jay, and Decapre.

EDIT: Here’s an OS for Dhalsim - cr.LP, cr.LK + Slide. If Dhalsim backdashes, the slide will pop him up for an air reset and if he teleports, you’re in range to punish with cr.MP xx LK Spiral.

Any new OS for Rose?

why do you need the

You don’t.

You can always use cr.LP instead though that means you will push your opponent out of range for tick throws and may have to spend meter for a hitconfirm (cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LK->cr.MP xx LK Spiral) doesn’t connect against some of those characters.