Rose overpowered?

Apparently Jago thinks so. :slight_smile: Seems a bit rich coming from a Bison player, heh:

Skip to the 12m 35s mark.



fraud jago. that’s all I got to say


That was a good laugh.

Dumb fraud is dumb.

Who is Jago?

“little psycho slut!”


I’m almost positive he’s trolling.

Though I do look forward to every and any scrub who sees this video and goes “Oh man Rose is this good? Yun is getting nerfed, I’m gonna pick up Rose!”

"What? Almost all of my links are 1 frame? My backdash is OS-able? I do no damage? My focus attack is one of the worst in the game? My reversal options are an illusion? My ultras suck? My fireball is one of the most punishable fireballs in the game? My crouching strong into Soul Spiral isn’t a true block string? My badly spaced Soul Spirals will get punished by good players?

hyper-ventilates, fumbles to character select while googling “ae 2012 tier list”"

And the good Rose players will continue making her look cheap. :>

oh how i wish there was less recovery on her fireballs

#areyouseriousbro #maybeinalpha2

Now hold on, its not like Rose is a great match up for Bison…

Someone counter this vid with a why Bison is BS highlighting just c.short and scissor kicks. :arazz:

A Bison player calling Rose cheap? Oh my…:rolleyes:

I’m pretty sure this is mostly trolling, and he means she’s just annoying to play against. Every positive he tried to show, he was getting hit out of, so it wasn’t very believable.

has to be trolling, he pointed her strong points but didnt explain all her weaknesses.

Saqs, what about Psycho Crusher all day or standing Heavykick? But yeah, Rose so GDLK <3

Beats Daigo at Seasons Beatings 2k10", but doesnt even make it to top 8, lulz.

What the fuck haha

o.0 this was a tribute to Sk…why are you guys taking the blowup literally

Sure was a shitty tribute.

I was kinda offended in a way. i know im not supposed to take this seriously but since it was a Tribute to Sk i’d think that there would have been less sarcastic complaining.