Rose Player Died

Hey Rose forums,

Not a Rose player myself but a lot of people in my area are and I just found out today that Joshua Colon (sksksksksk2222 or something along those lines) died recently. I’m not sure if he’s posted on here or if any of you guys had ever met or talked to him through here or anywhere else, but he was a strong player and great guy from what I’ve heard. I didn’t personally know him so I can’t really say much about him other than give my condolenses.

Here is his FB if you want to post or take a look at some other peoples thoughts.

Obviously, please conduct yourself accordingly. Just thought I’d let you guys know since he was close with a friend of mine.

No way…not sk. Im really sad to hear that. I didn’t know him but he was a strong player that contributed to the rose forum’s. I played him a few times.

I’m really sorry. Nothing but the best wishes goes out to his family and friends.

Wow, SK was a great Rose player and a great member of the forum. My condolences go out to him and his family.

He was on just a few days ago :{

Does anyone know what happened was he sick or something?

From what I have been told it was a seizure or something like that.

Are you serious? sk?


For some reason that username strikes me. Did he ever play on XBL under that name? If so, I’ve played him, and if he was Rose, I probably complained a TON because a good Rose pisses me off to no end.

Don’t take that as hating on him, good competition is never a good thing to lose. So sorry to hear about this loss.

yeah that’s his gamertag

Never played against him, but my condolences to his family and friends. :confused:

OMG. . . .

Strange, I think I’ve played him online too. Very annoying Rose (that’s a compliment).

My condolences to his family.

RIP, I have this person on my MSN when I did the Rose Replay channel and he pitched in PSN replays when I didn’t have a PS3 back then. I was expecting to see him this weekend at NEC12, I really wanted to meet him. :sad:

this sucks a lot. I only got to play the guy once ever on live and he was pretty active on the forums back in the late super>AE days.

he was pretty good and was very helpful like others here in trying to help and welcome new Rose players. Along with you know…having that character loyalty with Anton.

This is pretty sad though. I was hoping to meet him at one of the philly majors if he ever got money to come down.

Well fuck.

Rest in peace, SK.

Yeah, then I’m sure I’ve played him now. I’m not a Rose player, but he could destroy my Chun and Deejay for sure, don’t know if I ever played him with my Cody.

This kind of stuff is always sad to hear.

Omg. I’m really sad to read this. Omg. Sksksks ?..?really?

Hes regular around here.

I’m shocked, condolences to his family. I feed bad.

Di, :frowning:

Saw him a few times at Next Level when Spooky was streaming. Didn’t know him, but he looked like a cool guy and a good Rose player. RIP

Wow we had some great fights on PSN and talks in general this is so sad a great person though we never met. R.I.P.