Rose Players at Evo 2012?



Who is going to this?

So far, we have…

  • DRS filipin0man
  • cerberusfx
  • Roogle
  • Laswagga (Slight Chance of Rain)
  • TrueWu


Eh. I really want to go, but its a money issue atm. I have a Hotel taken care of, however so for now:

EVO Status: Yes with a slight chance of rain.


Just wanted to say good job at CEO repping Rose


I second Rose, do I count?


Thanks a lot man!
I will be representing for our girl a lot more in the future now that I have the ability to make it out to these major events. I just hope I can do everyone proud like Louffy and ShinkuuR did for me when I was new.


Trying to get to evolution after my performance at Texas showdown. We need more high level Rose’s there.


Rose is my date to Evo. Don’t have a lot of experience with her, but I am just so comfortable using her.


I’m going to EVO :slight_smile: although my name at it will be PKJoe


I’m going :smiley: CarnbyCL, pool D16


I didnt see his pool =/


As Rose says, Ryu is the last hope.

I am the last hope ;).


I am still the last hope that Rose has :wink:


But I still think that the spirits will guide ME to victory :wink:


Spirits have always been mine for the taking. just saying.


Not when I see latif negate your U2 by trading with His HP TK >_>


who should i pick against Starnab Cammy or Rose??. why the best cammy and the best rose had to be from France. i assume he’s got good mu experience vs both characters.

lets have GGs Rose players.


the best rose isn’t from france…luffy is very good but I still think keshikaran is superior


i say go with your main, both characters are good against fei long. starnab is an extremely good player, and has intensive match-up knowledge against the WHOLE cast. if you start taking into account training partners, you’ll go nuts in no time.

luffy is a true competitor, and wins majors consistently. keshikaran ? not so much, he’s having fun with the game, but that seems to be about it. kawaguuchi on the other hand has a few good tournament results, and i can’t wait to cheer for his team (with Y and Kuroken) at sbo !


fml, I suck.


I dont look at tournament result…I look at how they play…I heard fanatic rarely enters tournaments but still MM people and you cant deny that he’s good at his games…

Keshikaran is able to hold his ground against the top players of japan. Not going to tournaments / having fun with the game ? So what ? If he’s able to get more than 1 win against sako / the no.1 xbl guy / etc I don’t think you can throw his rose in the garbage can. Indeed luffy does well in tournaments we cannot deny this but like I said, between how the 2 of them play, execution wise, etc, I prefer Keshikaran.