Rose players at majors



Roll call for all majors so we can meet up and hate on eachother in real life…

I’m going to go to scr and evo and whatever other west coast majors.


I don’t know about SCR, but i am planning to go to NCR next year. Fersure


I might go to Final Round. Depends how much I want some chicken and waffles.


I will be hanging aroudn the J&J modding booth the whole weekend. Come say hi to this canadian.


We are J&J, and Majinhurricane is going to be with us.


If you attend Final Round next year, I’ll be there. I’ve repped Rose since my first FR 2 years ago.


If there were majors in Nottingham i would go.


I’ll be at most East Coast majors as usual.
Don’t be afraid to say high.

I only bite when i’m pissed.


its colder than i expected in socal


where are you staying right now? do you have a car?


I’ll be repping Rose this weekend at SCR as well


I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch much with my horrible internet, but good luck at SCR guys. I’ll be at home with my scarf on a stick cheering you on while my stream rebuffers every 10 seconds.


How many of you are planning on going to EVO?



He’s staying at Fullerton with jdm.




Every Rose player must wear a scarf.

Also use Original outfit color 1 for sk. <3


i really want to go to evo. i mean it’s like a trip every fighting game fan wants to undertake. It’s like swimming with dolphins for normal people


I went to northwest majors a few weeks ago, but did poorly due to a variety of reasons. Mostly in the fact I didn’t practice enough on XBox, so I was missing so many inputs. Got a few games in with top quality players such as Hyro (Hiro? Hydro? Norcal Blanka/Gouken), Xian, Air, and Weirdo Neo. I played Seth for my short run in the tournament, which looking back, was probably a mistake due to him being so momentum based, plus precision required, plus glassjaw. I should’ve gone Rose all the way and lamed it til the bitter end… she’s made me more money in tournaments anyway…

Oh and after the tournament was over, I asked Gootecks if he wanted to Rose mirror, but he seemed salty and said he’d only money match, which I refused to do. Maybe next time. Good luck.


Ugh food poisoning… hope i can make it to scr… nearly died last night. gonna be part of a conan skit too


whats the go to arcade? I’m asking jdm to take me to superarcade or something.


I think this year I’m going to try to make it out to Final Round (Convenient excuse to visit Godparents of my children, who I love dearly and really need to go see them once instead of them always coming to see us) and I REALLY want to go to EVO this year, but that will be a test of my research and publishing schedule…