Rose Question

Since his rose his considered a special what normal moves can be comdoed into his rose i saw this done before a while ago.

i dont think any moves can, maybe if someone is trying to jump over you and you land or s.rh, and then cancel it into rose, it would work.

EDIT: Nevermind, tried it in training mode right now, it doesnt combo.

You can’t combo into it, but you can cancel normals into it, if that’s what you meant.

yeah thats what i meant.

u can combo into the rose, either if the rose hits meaty, or youre point blank and use super. although its completely for style purposes, as the rose is really slow, and reduces damage pretty signifigantly.

well thats not comboing into the rose, thats the rose comboing into something else.

oh sorry, yeah u can only combo INTO the rose with stun.

that’s pretty odd that it reduces that much since it’s supposed to power Dudley up. but that’s also good to know.


This is what I do:
Stun someone, throw rose, CORKSCREW BLOW!/THE END!

Roses can be good for corner up/down’s after knockdown. Like Rose, or Rose, Dart Shot.

Sometimes if you throw a rose and qcf.k people tend to attack, which would leave them open.

Its you again…Jibbo…

haha…jibbo…i live near you.